80s pop… What more should I say about it? It is one of the genres that influenced many people, including me, even though I wasn’t alive at the time.

My parents listened to 80s pop songs, telling me stories about how they spend late nights with their friends, driving in highways and blasting these songs out the widows, buying cassettes and listening to their favorite tracks on walkmans over and over again.Walkman

I always listen to these songs and stories in excitement and sometimes I wish living at that era. Fortunately though, the technologies today allow us to create an experience quite similar to what existed back then, for example, we can listen to different songs, find information, buy items of clothing etc.

80s pop music will always be a part of me and every time I experience it, it’s like the first time… Magical!

Now it’s time for my 80s pop music recommendations, artists that I love and listen to today.

Disclaimer: Not all of the songs recommended are from the 80s era, most of them are, but the others remind me of the era because of the artist that created them, that’s why I listen to them so often. All the songs are my choices and based on my preferences.

1) Duran Duran80s Aesthetic

One of the best 80s pop groups which have shaped the 80s pop culture. One of the bands that my parents didn’t introduce to me, I found them myself and I never regretted. Their new single Invisible is out now, check it out!

Favorite songs:

2) MadonnaCassettes

One of my parents’ favorite artists. She has created many hits known to the public. Her humanitarian work is also important, she has donated several amounts of money to charity until today. I found out about her when I was really into 80s pop music for the first time and I loved her.

Favorite songs:

3) A-haRoller Disco

A friend of my parents actually mentioned A-ha while they were talking and I found the name very interesting so I looked them up. At the time, I was tired of listening to the same songs over and over again and I needed a change. A-ha were a breath of fresh air and the first 80s pop band I ever listened to.

Favorite songs:

4) PrinceStage

I probably should have put Prince higher on the list (let me know what you think in the comments). He is one of the best and most well – known 80s pop artists. He is an artist who has created many hit songs and he has made history by breaking several gender norms at the time.

Favorite songs:

5) The Police80s Gadgets

Another great 80s pop band that I love. Unfortunately, they split up too early and their singer Sting, has his own solo career now and, as far as I know, he still makes music and goes on tours (I am not familiar with the rest of the band members’ work nowadays).They broke music records with songs that succeeded in climbing up the charts early.

Favorite songs:

6) Whitney Houston80s

She is an artist I leaned about from my parents. They were big fans of hers. Unfortunately, she passed away too soon. Her voice was simply magical, she could have created a lot more hits if she still was around. A very creative artist, with an incredible voice and unforgettable songs.

Favorite songs:

7) Michael JacksonDisco Ball

Another artist I probably should have mentioned earlier, because he has influenced the life, not only of mine, but also of many people around the world. He seemed to be a kind – hearted person, who supported human equality and always donated to several organizations. His music has broken many world records and is still danced and remembered. There are some rumors around his name which are quite controversial and, since the artist passed away, they can not be confirmed.

Favorite songs:

These are my top 8 recommendations on 80s pop artists. They are all very well – known, if you loved during the 80s era you probably have seen them more than once. They all have created amazing music and their work is quite significant. I belive these artists would still work in the music industry if they had the chance to.

Sadly, some of the ones I mentioned passed away. They could be alive and creating amazing music that would influence the world until today. Most of them have been engaged in non – profit organizations and care about helping the poor and needy.

I believe it is also important that artists think of the public and they don’t isolate themselves from it. After all, the people are their listeners and they give them the voice to express their opinions through music, therefore artists should give back.

Thank you for reading my article. Do you agree? Do you think artists today are more, less or equally thoughtful when it comes to global issues? Do you think music can change the world at some point? What do you think about the artists then and today?

If you agree, disagree or simply want to add something on what I previously mentioned, please leave a comment down below and I will get back at you, first chance that I get.

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