Those of you who have read some of my article already know that I have been an enthusiast of music almost all my life. It started when my parents were listening to classic rock with me when I was young. Later, I decided to take up piano and teach myself how to play the guitar.

I had a friend asking me why I learned two musical instruments. He said that learning about music is only relevant to musicians and it has nothing to do with everyone else. He added that music education could be considered useless. I had no-one tell me something like that before, therefore I was surprised.Musician

After discussing the incident with others, I realized that not only adults, but also children choose not to take up a musical instrument because it has nothing to do with the career they want to pursue in the future. I, then, realized that I needed to write this article as a reminder of why learning a musical instrument is important.

It’s fun!

Nothing more, nothing less! Learning a musical instrument is a hobby, so it is a fun activity to do. You can spend time happily, playing your instrument and acquiring new skills every day. It is a break from your normal everyday activities and it has a lot to offer, even to the beginner players.

Believe me, the satisfaction of learning something new in my guitar or piano tops everything. Even though hard work is required to achieve great results, when you get to accomplish your goals, you immediately feel happiness. If you consider starting to play, you will get to experience this feeling.

Let alone the stress relief as soon as you begin practicing. Magical!

You can show off to your friendsMusician

You probably have witnessed other people or friends of yours in family dinners or at the beach at night in movies, playing the guitar and others around them singing and praising their skills. You must have thought to yourself, wow, this person must feel happy. As someone who has performed in front of family and friends many times, I can confirm it!

When you begin learning an instrument, there will be people who will tell you not to, they won’t believe in you and your skills. As soon as you start mastering some skills, they will stop talking, letting the people who actually appreciate you\, appreciate your music. Don’t give up for those who don’t believe. I believe in you and you can do anything!

You can make new friends

You may feel that this is not true, but trust me you will!

So, suppose that you start learning in a class, that’s where you will get to meet other music lovers and you will be able to discuss about your passion together. But even if you learn alone or with a private teacher, you will still have a chance to meet new people. How is that? Through Internet, of course!

Nowadays, Internet has everything, we all know that. People have the chance to go there every day and express themselves in any way. You can do that too! If you appear at Facebook, Instagram or TikTok with your musical instrument, you will surely attract the attention of other music enthusiasts, therefore, you will make Internet friends.

You understand music in a deeper levelDrummer

Where do I even begin?

A person who doesn’t play any musical instruments, or doesn’t sing doesn’t listen to music the same way as someone who does. You will notice yourself the change immediately. Once you start playing, you start noticing the notes and chords, you want to get your hands in the guitar, piano etc. and practice what you hear. Or, you get motivated to look up a tutorial of how to play the songs that you like.

Once you practice the songs that you like in your musical instrument, you already hear these songs differently. By knowing more about music, you are able to understand to a certain level the mind of a musician while they are creating a song, that alone is magical.

Then, after all this, you get an idea of the music production, therefore, you have chances of composing well your own song! Pretty cool huh? This may sound impossible, but it really isn’t. All you need to do is practice and not give up. You will find that music is a language and, if you can speak it, you can create miracles.

I hope I proved you right, or changed your mind!

I hope you enjoyed my article. Honestly, if you are thinking of not taking up an instrument because it “doesn’t offer you anything” you really should reconsider. Keep in mind all I wrote for you above. Music is so much more than playing some notes and chords rights. Music is sentiments and a form of expression, trying to discover it is a never ending journey.Piano

However, music is not for everyone. You may not have the patience or the will to start playing a musical instrument and that is okay. Everyone has their own hobbies, we are not all the same. Besides, you can always be a good music listener. Many people love listening to music without trying to understand the deeper part of it, because that makes them feel good.

Whatever music is for you, if you are happy with your relationship with it, that’s all that matters. After all, we take up hobbies to feel good, not to prove anything. Playing a musical instrument is supposed to be a relaxing time with yourself and your music, that’s all it should be.

Some questions to ask yourself (or let me know in the comments!)

Would you start playing a musical instrument? If so, which one would you choose? Is it any special to you and why?

If you agree, disagree or simply want to add something on what I previously mentioned, please leave a comment down below and I will get back at you, first chance that I get.

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Thank you!

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