Have you been learning the acoustic guitar for long? Do you want to take your skills to another level? Are you ready for an electric guitar?

You are on the right place. I am a self – taught guitarist who was in your place before. I know a lot about electric guitar features and I am sure you are interested in learning with me. There is a variety of electric guitars today and sometimes it is extremely difficult to find what you need.Electric Guitar

Buying an acoustic guitar is one thing, because the acoustic guitar has a lot less features than the electric guitar. Even though at this point you have some experience with guitars, you may still not have enough confidence to buy a guitar relying only on your point of view.

All this features can make a potential buyer confused. Or, one may get too excited and buy the first electric guitar that seems cool to them. You should avoid being too excited while buying. I know, a new guitar can cause A LOT of excitement, I have been through it myself. But you should not let it shadow the truth, some guitars, even though the are so good looking, may not be for you.

There are many electric guitars out there, but I will help you tell which electric guitar is ideal for you! Without further ado, let’s jump into it!

Top 10 Brands

These are brands I trust over the years. Of course, their products may be slightly different but they still do their job which is playing music (Please check the YouTube video links for further information on every brand)

Online store or neighborhood store?Guitars

I wrote this article the other day, where I said that, when buying an acoustic guitar it is extremely important to try it out if you can at your local music store. This has saved me from a lot of mistakes and I was able to buy my acoustic guitar with more confidence. But that is only for acoustic guitars. What about the electric ones?

After learning a lot on the acoustic guitar, I decided the time had come for me to buy my first electric guitar, to make my dream come true. I decided to follow the same way as I did on the acoustic guitars (visit store first, buy online later). When trying the guitars on the store, they may try to hide disadvantages of the electric guitar. It may also be difficult to realize the quality if you are not an expert. So what do you do?

My advice is, you still have to visit your local music store, even if they don’t let you touch the guitars (in some stores they do that if you seem “unprofessional” to them, I am not sure why). You need to have a picture of the guitars. Ask the shop assistants and remember, you do not have to buy an electric guitar from them! Visit more stores, check online and ask around if you have the opportunity to do so!

You liked it but you are unsure? Buy It!Electric Guitar

This is just a piece of advice I like to remind myself in times of confusion, especially when I am buying a musical instrument. If you liked that model so much, you probably won’t find one like it! So, why waste your time overthinking again and again? This is YOUR electric guitar we’re talking about! Don’t hesitate! If it is a guitar based on the standards you have in your mind, there’s nothing else to think about!

This is just a piece of friendly advice!

Make sure your guitar pack has EVERYTHING included

Especially when you buy from a store in your city or town, you should make sure that they don’t charge you extra for things ex. cables, amplifier and other gadgets included with your guitar! They may tell you that those “extra” things are not included in the price of the guitar, BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE. It has happened to me several times.

Online, everything provided, especially if you check out famous brands and websites. You can also check what your pack includes beforehand, so that you don’t get scammed.

Also, if you order your electric guitar online, and it comes with a piece of equipment missing, you should contact the company. No electric guitar is sold without amplifier and cables, except if you buy from an individual or from a second – hand music store. In that case, you will need to find these things yourself, unless they still exist and are in a good condition.

Good luck!Electric Guitar

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And, here are some websites I suggest you check out if you want to buy a guitar: find them HERE.

(I am not working with them, I am just suggesting tips and tricks that helped me get the guitar of my dreams in a reasonable price).

Also, if you want to check my other articles, I would appreciate it a lot. They may seem helpful to a music lover like YOU!

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