In my previous article (HERE) I was debating whether it is beneficial or not to listen to music while studying. To me, music is a crucial part of every study session I have nowadays and I believe music can help many of us concentrate and absorb more information.

Today, I will be talking about the best music to study with, according to my experience. Keep in mind, that music can cause different emotions to every one of us, therefore the music I suggest may not be ideal for some people. That is okay! You can find the ideal music genre to study with by experimenting with music and trying for yourself.

Since I have been studying with music for a long time, I have found many known music genres that can help you too! If none of them does it for you, I will be proposing different ways on how to find music to study with online. There are many artists and songs out there, it is impossible to not like anything.

1. Classical MusicClassical Music

This is one of the most common music genres to study with. Classical music is often played at cafes where people usually go to study, so it is understandable that it is suitable to memorize information and do exercises. Also, it might create the atmosphere of a cafe for you, therefore it will feel like you’re outside.

Classical music can shift your concentration from the music to the studying, that’s why it is frequently chosen from all the other genres. Many people love to study with classical music, but this doesn’t mean it will be helpful for you too! But, since it has helped many people so far, I suggest that you try it. It may change your life!

Try listening to Mozart and Vivaldi. All of their musical pieces have the ability to help your brain memorize more and better. You will soon realize that you don’t pay attention to the music, no matter how beautiful and great it is, that’s why it is amazing.

2. Lofi beatsStudying

While looking for music on YouTube, you must have noticed some lofi beats and playlists. There are many lofi songs out there, but if you are not familiar with this particular music genre, you will probably not be able to find particular you like easily.

But, no worries! YouTube has some playlists available, you can try those. They last 3 or 4 hours, therefore you can study all you want! Some of them don’t contain ads, and that is really good because ads might shift you attention and make you lose your pace. So, it is better to choose them if you want!

Lofi is one of the most common music genres for studying and relaxing. This music genre can heal the anxiety from studying and it allows you to study calmly. Many people find it helpful.

If you ask me, lofi is not the best, but that’s my personal opinion. Since lofi does it for so many people I suggest you give it a go!

Mash ups of your favorite artist or genre

Listening to your favorite artist or genre while studying can cause you feelings of happiness. You will definitely not feel anxious, since this is the music of your choice. However, I’m not sure whether you will be able to concentrate correctly.

My own music has been a huge help while studying. Studying without my favorite artists can sometimes be dull, therefore I rarely study without my music there days. I just create my own playlists and try them while studying. That is useful because I can choose which songs to include and how long my playlist will be, therefore it adapts to my needs.

If I find that my music doesn’t help me anymore, I simply turn it off and listen to it some other time. It is important that you stay focused and not stand up and dance! You are supposed to be studying, if music can’t help you do it, just quit music while studying.

Or, listen to another artist or genre if you feel like it. It is crucial to remember at all times that right now it is studying time, not music time. You will have the chance to listen to music some other time of your day but you need to complete your goals. Don’t leave your work behind for music. It’s not worth it!

Ask yourself

In times of confusion, feel free to ask yourself several questions. You can do this by listening closely to yourself or by writing down your feelings.

“Does music in general help me concentrate better?” , “Will this music artist or genre help me study?” , “Do I actually study right now or do I just vibe with the music and I will remember nothing at the end of the day?” , “Is music actually helpful or should I quit it?”

Questions like these will give you your answers. Remember, you want to be concentrated and able to memorize while studying, music is not your priority at this time.

Good luck!

Don’t worry if you vibe with music once or twice while studying, but don’t let it happen again. People who study often, like me and possibly you, know very well that finding motivation to study is extremely difficult. Therefore, don’t waste your chance by listening to music.

Feel free to experiment with it and listen to many different songs, however don’t shift you attention from your work. The reason you looked for this article is to study more efficiently and better, not to listen to music. Even if your love for music is too deep, at this point music has to be secondary for a while.

If you agree, disagree or simply want to add something on what I previously mentioned, please leave a comment down below and I will get back at you, first chance that I get.

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Thank you!

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