On May 18th BTS released a teaser for their new song, Butter which got more than 3 million views in less than an hour. Many ARMYs all over the world, sooner or later realized that the track BTS are about to release is actually a song that brings back the 80s synth pop and rock sounds. What’s more, the assumption that it looks a lot of the song Another One Bits The Dust by Queen quickly spread among the classic rock and k-pop fans.

As most fans of the current biggest band in the world know, BTS will be releasing their brand new song on Friday 12 am EDT and everyone is excited and curious.

The Another One Bites The Dust rumor seems to be bigger than we all thought, since the band Queen uploaded on twitter “Are you read hey are you ready for this… Another One Bites The Dust x #BTS_Butter “, which made fans around the globe go wild.

So, this has everyone thinking… Will these two legendary groups of the music industry get together to give us a summer bop? What should us, the fans, expect?

BTS Butter Official Teaser, watch here Queen's Tweet

The BTS Butter teaser was basically, all the members vibing to the rhythm of their new single, tilting their heads right and middle. Their clothing was extravagant, reminded of the 80s era with elements of contemporary fashion. Generally, the concept was pretty interesting.

Of course, it’s just a teaser and we can’t predict much from what we saw. Some fans online insist that we don’t believe the teasers since, BTS sometimes show their audience different concepts to mislead them. Personally, I am not sure whether the single will be the same with the teaser but I can tell that it will be great. BTS never fail to amaze.

BTS x Queen

If you’re a BTS and Queen fan like me, when you saw this, you probably fell off your chair (based on true facts).

So, since the tweet wrote about Another One Bites The Dust x BTS Butter, it might be a mash up, which is a creative combination of the two songs into one. Now, this is pretty realistic. Even if an official mash up doesn’t happen eventually, I would love to listen to a mash up made by fans, which I’m sure will happen at some point.

Could Queen and BTS collaborate?

I’m not sure about that. Keep in mind that Queen lost their singer, Freddie Mercury a long time ago. Even if they were to release a couple of songs, they would do it separately. Also, John Deacon, the bassist of Queen, left the band shortly after Freddie died and has not appeared officially on public since then. Not only the fans but also the Queen members believe that the bad is not the same without these two.

However, Queen still go on tours. Their voice is Adam Lambert, 39 year-old American artist who is also the first openly gay artist in music industry, according to sources. Lambert’s voice is one of the few voices that match perfectly Mercury’s style, but he doesn’t mimic the original frontman of Queen. On the contrary, the two singers coexist harmonically in the songs, what Lambert does are well – made covers.

BTS x Rolling StoneMagazine

Those of you who follow passionately the band’s activities will know for sure that BTS covered for Rolling Stone a few days ago. They were the first Asian artists to appear on the cover, a truly amazing feat. They got in touch with the West again, in a way.

Does this have to do with their Queen collaboration?

Who knows? Queen haven’t really collaborated with artists after Freddie.

Their guitarist Brain May, however, has done more than a few collabs with many young artists and they all seem to get along pretty well till today. Brain May, (just like Elton John) seems to be an open – minded and encouraging artist open to give advice and create music with passionate young people.

Roger Taylor on the other hand has created a few songs alone. I haven’t found many notable collabs of his. He is not that active on social media too, unlike his band mate May. He probably spends time for himself or self reflects during quarantine, and that is great. Or, he could be working with BTS at the moment, I don’t want to spark rumors, I’m just guessing…

BTS x F.R.I.E.N.D.SCity

Now, this is something official. It was uploaded that BTS will take part in the long awaited FRIENDS reunion. Many are already excited about FRIENDS alone, but I am really curious on what BTS will do there.

After BTS’ company, Hybe Labels (former Big Hit Entertainment), bought the rights of several artists on the West, including Ariana Grande, BTS have been announcing activities that are connected to the West. It seems like this boyband is taking over the world at this point.

What’s next?Music Production

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the tweet by Queen was about. BTS Butter will be released on Friday so, I guess, many things will be cleared up to the fans then. Since Queen deleted their tweet (I just realized so), the rumors may not be true. But we can always hope that, Queen probably leaked the collab while they shouldn’t have.

As for me, I am absolutely excited about these two bands. They both are among my favorites and I can’t wait to find out what they prepare for us. But if the rumors are true and they actually collaborate, this will be legendary. It will be something no – one has ever done before, it will be something they will be remembered for. Old and new combined, pop and rock, two different bands making history together. I am excited and it shows 🙂

What’s your opinion on all this? Do you like Queen and/or BTS?


If you agree, disagree or simply want to add something on what I previously mentioned, please leave a comment down below and I will get back at you, first chance that I get.

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