After the release of their album “BE” just before 2020 ended and the band’s Grammy nomination, BTS drop a brand new song, making their fanclub go wild. BTS sure are talented at keeping their fanclub busy and, I must say, as a fan myself, we’re not complaining!

A Brief Overview

ARMYs (the band’s well-known fandom) have always been experts at finding the clues and hints behind the content the band makes. And, I’ll be honest with you, the band has created a wide variety of music, MV’s and other types of content though their time in the music industry. So, when ‘Film Out’ came out, most fans were puzzled because of the general idea behind it, which hasn’t been clarified by the band yet.

The ‘Film Out’ MV

So, at the beginning the MV shows BTS on a set that looks like the “Fake Love” set to me (the part where glass windows are smashed and Jin is covering his face? That one!) The clothing, in general looks like the HYYH era clothing, but the whole aesthetic is totally different. As usual, BTS never fail to amaze their demanding (trust me on this one) audience.

‘Film Out ‘Lyrics

Now, the meaning of the song is generally not quite clear to me yet. At first, the lyrics refer to a person, which could be their (BTS) past self. This shows that they have, generally, reflected upon themselves, since they had the chance to do so during quarantine. The lyrics might show that BTS feel sorrow towards their past self, however, they don’t leave them behind. They might feel painful because they have changed to a more complicated person because of fame, or because they are not their cheerful, innocent selves anymore . They can only dream of their past self now, they can never bring him back.


One thing I can surely say is that BTS are true artists, with unique thematology and rich content to offer. And that is surprising, since they have been more active than most artists and, yet, they manage to deliver their messages in a different and a beautiful way every time. This song might be the beginning of a new era for the band, which, however reflects to the past, whether it is their music career or their childhood years.

What’s Next?

With BTS and their grand variety and unique style I can guarantee you that nobody knows what’s next! If you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you give ‘Film Out’ a listen and see for yourselves what it is about! Also, if you disagree, agree or just want to add anything on what I wrote, feel free to write it in the comments below and I will be more than happy to answer.

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Thank you!

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