As a student, I have been looking here and there for efficient ways and motivation to study. Music has been one of the things I have been using for many years for motivation and it has helped a lot. I love listening to my favorite songs while I study, studying has become a pleasure since I found music with studying.

Also, I am a big fan of classical music. Many experts suggest that students should choose classical music to study with, since it has the power to shift our attention from the actual song to the work we need to do. I have successfully studied many times, classical music is always helpful.Orchestra

Therefore, in this article I will be proposing several songs which I know they help to make the studying process easier from experience. Since classical music is very popular among students and it seems to help a lot, I strongly suggest you listen to the songs I propose to you while studying. They might change your life.

4 Seasons – Vivaldi

This would be my first choice if I were an amateur in studying while listening to music. These songs are really well – known and it consists of four parts (spring, summer, autumn, winter). It has a great melody and it lasts up to 42 minutes, which gives you plenty of time to study a lot (of course, you will need a different song later).

Vivaldi is always a great choice. If you get to listen to his work every time you study, soon you will be able to identify his songs anywhere you hear them.

Every musical piece of MozartOrchestra

Now, you may ask why I don’t get more specific on Mozart… The Internet calls Mozart’s music “The Mozart Effect”. Studies online have shown that Mozart’s music can help you focus very easily. It works as background music to your work or your life. Therefore, it is great and never boring but it has the power to stay in the background.

You can choose from many pieces of his work, all of them are magical and ideal to study. Or, you can simply search on YouTube “The Mozart Effect” (or find it: Here)

Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven

This lasts only five minutes and I think it should be in your studying playlist. It has the power to calm you down every time you feel anxiety.

While studying, we may feel overwhelmed at times when we need to push through. It is important to include songs that help us relieve the anxiety we may feel. Not only this song, but also Beethoven’s work in general, can make us feel better in many ways. Take a break first and then listen to the song that will calm you down again.

Breaks are important, don’t forget that. In order to study efficiently, you need not only hard work, but also a refreshing break.

Chopin – Nocturne nᵒ 20 in C# Minor

This is another great and relaxing song that can help you study. Don’t forget to check out Chopin’s work, because all of it is great and worthy to be included in your studying playlist. However, I am just recommending my favorite songs here.

Advice: Put the most dynamic songs in the beginning of your playlist so that you feel ready to accomplish you tasks. In the ending, you can put the more relaxing songs, as well as in the middle of the playlist, whenever you feel like you will need a break.

Franz Liszt, for a strong beginning and a marvelous endingPiano

As I was saying, it is always important to start strong, therefore, Liszt is perfect for a dynamic start. Consider songs like “The Campanella” to start and “The Hungarian Rhapsody” to finish. Liszt has to be in the favorite composer’s list of mine, so I would be very happy if you checked him out.

Fun fact: some people said he sold his soul to the devil for his piano skills. He was ready to play a musical piece on the piano in 3 different ways. He had his own distinctive way of playing that any listener can hear. He is magical.

Final tipsMusician

Remember, classical music is considered one of the best music genres to study with, however, this doesn’t mean that it may suit your style and studying. What I mean is, you need to experiment a little. If classical music doesn’t help you concentrate, you may need to find another music genre, or simply, music doesn’t do it for you in general, while studying.

While you study with your playlist, feel free to skip songs that you are bored with. It is perfectly normal to not like some songs after listening to them for some time. You might need to replace them with some new.

Or, if you don’t like your playlists anymore, feel free to look up new playlists on the Internet. Go to your music platform and write “Classical music to study” or “The Mozart Effect”. All music platforms have a ton of playlists to choose from, trust me, you will never get bored.

Of course, there are many more classical music composers, therefore it is crucial to find some and listen to them yourself too. I am just recommending my personal favorites. Try: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Christoph Willibald Gluck, Joseph Haydn. There is so much classical music available online, you will be surprised. You will definitely find something that you like!

Did you find my article interesting? Would you consider trying to study with music or are you not a fan? Do you think classical music has the ability to help us study more efficiently or something more contemporary can be more helpful. Let me know!

If you agree, disagree or simply want to add something on what I previously mentioned, please leave a comment down below and I will get back at you, first chance that I get.

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Thank you!

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