Duran Duran need to belong in my first loves list (and rumor has it, they belonged in Princess Diana’s too!) mainly because they were a fresh breath of synth 80s pop, which was perfect after my Guns n’ Roses phase (based on real facts). Then, because I fell in love with their thematology (and Nick Rhodes, you can’t blame me), to me, it was really interesting how every band member had their own style and taste, and yet, they managed to cooperate so perfectly (most of the times) together to deliver amazing results to the public. So, without further ado, here is my list of Duran Duran Popular Songs, the songs that shall be a brief overview of Duran Duran’s style over the years.

1) Rio

Named by their album, Rio was one of the first hits of the band. According to the band the music video was filmed somewhere in Sri Lanka, because of the beauty of the scenery, the band spent quite much time there. Till this day I’m not sure who or what does Rio refer to, to be honest it always takes me quite much time to figure out the meanings behind all Duran Duran songs, I don’t think I can ever get them right.

2) Come Undone

I have both is not in this song from the day was young. Most radio stations in my town used to play this song and I used to go to long road trips with my parents so I would listen to it quite often. The meaning of the song always puzzled me however after many years I found out that the meeting was quite dirty and I was really surprised. However, from an interview I knew that Simon Le Bon the lead singer of the Duran Duran wrote this for his wife, so I guess it makes sense.

3) Ordinary World

Ordinary World was composed in the same era with Come Undone. They both have music videos which are quite similar. I believe Ordinary World tackles problems about society, the music video shows a bride walking on a garden though and I don’t think the music video describes the lyrics, which is not a bad thing, on the contrary, I find it interesting and artistic.

4) Hungry Like the Wolf

Back to the Rio era, I believe Hungry Like the Wolf was a big hit for the band. The music video was also filmed in Sri Lanka, and many people remember watching it at least once on MTV back in the 80s. It is really catchy, I wasn’t alive back in the 80s but I suppose it was played at the parties and it was all over the radio, the coffee shops etc (If you lived back then, you can comment below your experience with Duran Duran songs and I will be more than happy to read about it and reply to you!)

5) Wild Boys

Indeed! During my time as a Duran Duran fan I have read and watched articles and videos saying that Duran Duran are too much or too extravagant. And I think that was mainly because of their looks in their unique styles and also because of the appearance of Duranies, the dedicated fans of the band back in the 80s. I think Wild Boys was one of the most well known songs in the public, not only among the Duran Duran fans, and to me this is actually a song that defines the era of the 80s.

6) A View to a Kill

Of course I couldn’t exclude the bond theme of this list. The music video was filmed in Paris, specifically on the Eiffel Tower, and there were included some scenes from the James Bond movie too. This song was really important for the history f the band and it shows once again that they were able to create a wide variety of music. Also, for a mainstream pop band to be included in a Bond movie (?) that was quite a feat for that time.

7) Girls On Film

Many words of Duran Duran have been judged because they were considered extravagant as I wrote above, and this song is one of them. The music video needed a lot of editing before it was approved by MTV and, at that time, that must have been pretty difficult. I believe that the band have made significant progress in “liberating” art (especially music) from unnecessary judgement, however it is not recognized yet.

8) Save a Prayer

One could say that Rio is my favorite album, after including all these songs – and the album picture at the top, but no (surprisingly), my favorite album is Duran Duran, their first album, but I’m not gonna talk about it now. Save a Prayer is a masterpiece (and I can’t be convinced otherwise – I think!). And Nick Rhodes needs to be applauded for all those unique synthesizer sounds that he included, John Taylor too, for that underrated bass line. And their voices harmonizing all together create a dreamy atmosphere. I’m sorry for being too wordy, this song was the reason I fell in love with Duran Duran, I still listen to it with the same excitement untill today. I highly recommend it!

9) The Reflex

Now, I will never get bored of this song, I’m sure of it. For totally different reasons from Save a Prayer, I believe that The Reflex is unforgettable. To me, The Reflex transmits perfectly the 80s atmosphere and aesthetic to the listener. It really has the power to take them to a different era and give them a taste of the happy moments of that era. And that was really special to me, since I wasn’t born then.

10) Notorious

Now, this song is totally different. It is really catchy, even though it can’t be considered that popular. It is significant, however, because it is part of a Duran Duran era that doesn’t resemble the band’s early 80s style. Duran Duran evolved through time and this song is proof that they did pretty good job every time!

What About You?

Do you agree or diagree with all the above? Which are the Duran Duran songs that you consider to be the most popular, and which are the ones that you really like? Please if you want to add anything on what I said, leave a comment down below and I will get back at you, first chance that I get.

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Thank you!

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