Eurovision is probably the biggest music contest in the world. It started in 1956 and, since then it is greatly welcomed by the public every year. It is an event that defines EU and connects the countries through art. Recently, many countries like Australia, which are not part of EU are able to take part in Eurovision too.

The Eurovision 2021 event has gained more spotlight than many Eurovision events that happened throughout the years. Many great and different songs took part in this year’s contest and showing the diversity of music to the public. Even though there were some speculations, this year’s winner seemed to be unexpected to many.

Italy, after many years, got the first place in the contest, presenting Zitti E Buoni by Måneskin. The song brought rock and roll back to the public and the audience seemed to welcome it back with pleasure. Måneskin took most of their votes by the public and, even though they didn’t manage to win the judges over, they got the first place.

In this article I will be talking about all the Eurovision 2021 songs and what made this year’s event special.

1. Zitti E Buoni – Måneskin (Italy)Italian Flag

The winning song had to go first. I loved how Måneskin gave their own style to the contest. Rock and roll hadn’t been in the spotlight for a long time, so I was glad they brought in back.

After listening to most of their discography I found greater songs than Zitti E Buoni, in my opinion. But I am happy that the audience gets to enjoy rock and roll as much as I do, so I have no problem with the hype this song gets.

2. Voila –

Barbara Pravi (France)

A great song from a gorgeous singer. Her voice filled the room and it was really emotional. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Måneskin, I would love it if she won.

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten in touch with her own discography. I also felt that the song, even though it was great, it sounded like most Eurovision contest winners from the past, while Maneskin were a breath of fresh air in the contest.

3. Tout l’ Univers – Gjon’s Tears (Switzerland)

This was also a great song in Eurovision. This song with Voila won the judges but they didn’t do as well with the public. Many people thought that this song could win before the contest and I was one of them.

Same as Voila, this also sounded like the past Eurovision winners, it could win if it weren’t for Måneskin.Concert

4. 10 Years –

Daði & Gagnamagnið (Iceland)

This song has a great meaning. According to my research, the singer wrote in for his wife. It was one of my personal favorites as well.

I am really happy a song like this was liked by the public.

5. Shum – Go_A (Ukraine)

This was also one of my personal favorites. Honestly, when I listen to this song I feel like singing it but I haven’t learned the words yet.

It was stuck in my head for weeks.

6. Dark Side – Blind Channel (Finland)

I really loved the rock representation in today’s Eurovision. If you like rock you need to check this song out, as well as Zitti E Buoni.

7. Je Me Casse – Destiny (Malta)Party

I really loved the powerful voice of the singer. The song had a great meaning too.

8. Discotheque – THE ROOP (Lithuania)

Since it is in the 8th place, I am assuming that many people loved this song as much as I did. It is very catchy and, if you are into synth music you should give it a listen.

9. Russian Woman – Manizha (Russia)

It was great to find a song like this one in the contest. It portrayed Russian tradition and feminism, it was hard not to love it.

10. Last Dance – Stefania (Greece)

I loved the visuals here. The performance was great and both the singer and the directors did a good job.

Now I will list the songs that didn’t end up in the top 10 songs of Eurovision 2021 in order:

11. Growing Up Is Getting Old – Victoria (Bulgaria)

12. Love Is On My Side – The Black Mamba (Portugal)

13. Sugar – Natalia Gordienko (Moldova)

14. Voices – Tusse (Sweden)

15. Loco Loco – Hurricane (Serbia)

16. El Diablo – Elena  Tsagkrinou (Cyprus)

17. Set Me Free – Eden Alene (Israel)

18. Fallen Angel – TIX (Norway)

19. The Wrong Place – Hoover Phonic (Belgium)

20. Mata Hari – Efendi (Azerbaijan)

21. Karma – Anxhela Peristeri (Albania)

22. Adrenalina – Senhit ft. Flo Rida (San Marino)

23. Birth Of A New Age – Jeangu Macrooy (Netherlands)

24. Voy A Quedarme – Blas Canto (Spain)

25. I Don’t Fell Hate – Zendrick (Germany)

26. Embers – James Newman (UK)


All in all, I was really satisfied about this year’s Eurovision contest. The songs were all different and I got to feel the different meanings of every artist. But honestly, this was the first Eurovision I ever paid attention to, so I assume, there were many great songs before this year’s contest.

I’m glad that the public got to know many new artists and their discography, it looks like the music industry developed quickly.

Also, I loved how many different countries and cultures had the opportunity to spread their message around Europe. This showed that Europe is a place of diversity in many fields, therefore diversity should be accepted.

If I were to pick a favorite song, even though I feel that all songs were great and unique, I would be Shum by Go_A. Even though I am a classic rock enthusiast I enjoy several kinds of music and I believe that Shum was both revolutionary and catchy at the same time, that’s why it was so special to me.

All songs are incredible and, if you are looking for new artists to listen to, I believe Eurovision is the best place to look.

If you agree, disagree or simply want to add something on what I previously mentioned, please leave a comment down below and I will get back at you, first chance that I get.

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Thank you!

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