Guns N’ Roses have to be a band that I absolutely love. They were my introduction to classic rock. Almost everyone who knew me back then would say that their raw and rough style didn’t suit me, however I became a big fan of them for many years.

Guns n’ Roses have really been a big inspiration to many people around the world, however their discography is quite big. So, this is my Guns n’ Roses albums order chronologically, to help you discover them better and deeper.

Guns n’ Roses were formed by members of the bands called L.A. Guns and Hollywood Rose so, the name of the band is the combination of these two band names. In this article however, I will only be talking about the Guns n’ Roses discography and the Guns n’ Roses members’ solos, not their work during the L.A. Guns and Hollywood Rose eras.


1) 1987: Appetite for Destruction

This album is one of the most judged works of art in the music industry, in my opinion. In the book the Last of the Giants: Guns n’ Roses, it is stated that the music video of Welcome to the Jungle, a song that was included in Appetite for Destruction, was only played late at night or too early in the morning on MTV. However, the public approved of appetite for destruction, hence the big success of the band.

2) 1988: G’N’R Lies

This was the second album that I started listening to by Guns n’ Roses (the first one was the Appetite for Destruction). This album includes many songs that are my favorites and I believe they describe the situation (good or bad) of each member of the band at that time.

It is clear that the band had started gaining spotlight at this point, and this might have meant too much publicity, many venues and gigs and an increasing number of fans, however turbulence started occurring in the band, because of arguments between the band members.

3) 1991: Use Your Illusion I

After Steven Adler (drummer) parted, the band’s philosophy and style ultimately changed. This album mainly consists of ballads, with long and legendary guitar solos performed by Slash (main guitarist of the band and a distinctive figure in the Classic Rock industry). Guns n’ Roses gained two members at the time, Dizzy Reed (keyboardist) and Matt Sorum (drummer), who replaced Adler.

4) 1991: Use Your Illusion II

Released at the same day with its counterpart, Use your Illusion I, this album features ballads with the same notion as its predecessor. It seems that the songs the band produced at the time were too many to be included in one album only.

5) 1992: Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds

After disagreements between Izzy Stradlin and the band (mainly Axl Rose), he parted and released his own solo work, which in my opinion is pretty good. I would recommend song like ‘Shuffle It All’ and ‘Somebody Knockin”, which were considered hits at the time. I believe Stradlin had a lot more to offer to the band.

6) 1993: The Spaghetti Incident?

This album has been criticized by many, it is believed to be the worst work of the band so far. To me, this might be the case because of the arguments between the members (Guns n’ Roses weren’t in peaceful relationships during their heyday, according to several sources).

7) 1993: Believe in Me (Duff McKagan)

Some Guns n’ Roses band members released albums while still working with the band, and this is an example. By many, this is considered a good album and it is also the debut of McKagan’s solo work.

8) 1994: Pawnshop Guitars (Gilby Clarke)

A Gilby Clarke solo album which consisted of all Gn’R members, one way or another. It is also a pretty good album, worthy of being listened to. However, slightly before its release, Clarke was fired by Rose.

9) 1995: It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere (Slash’s Snakepit)

I am a big fan of Slash’s solo work and the public opinion seems to agree with me. Honestly, Slash has his own unique style which is also appealing to most Classic Rock lovers, and this album is proof that Slash is a true artist.

10) 2001: River (Izzy Stradlin)

It is now clear that Izzy Stradlin is never coming back to Gn’R, because simply he seems unwilling to do so. He is busy with his solo work, (and doing a pretty good job too!) but somehow, I always wanted to see something more with Gn’R and Stradlin (but this is a personal opinion).

11) 2004: Contraband (Velvet Revolver)

This record featured most of the band’s members (and others). It is considered to be Bowie – inspired, something unique for the Gn’R members, which actually turned out well.

12) 2007: Libertad (Velvet Revolver)

This group seemed to be doing quite well, in terms of relations among the members, since it released a second record a few years later. It featured John Weiland, who had some arguments with the band and quit later on.

13) 2008: Chinese Democracy

This album was the work of Axl Rose mainly, but was released under the name of the band. Axl Rose was in bad terms with the rest of the band members, especially with Slash, at the time.

14) 2009: Sick (Loaded)

While not working with Gn’R (or should I say Axl, since he was the only one left in the band), Duff McKagan formed his own group called Loaded. McKagan did a pretty good job with that band, however, I’m not sure if they will continue releasing music today.

15) 2010: Slash (Slash)

Another amazing album of Slash. It included some special guests too: Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Grohl, Lemmy, Izzy Stradlin and Duff McKagan. It seems like the rest of the band, apart from Axl, were in good terms which led them to release music together.

16) 2012: Back From The Dead (Steven Adler)

Adler’s comeback wasn’t as strong as planned for many. And, to be honest, this album wasn’t Adler’s best work, in my opinion. However, it is worth listening if you want to conduct a deeper research on Gn’R.

17) 2018: Living The Dream (Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators)

Another one of Slash’s great works, including his band. I believe Slash has offered and continues to offer incredible masterpieces in the music industry and all of them are worth a listen.

Overall, it is really easy to confuse the Gn’R album order as it consists of a wide variety of albums, created from different Gn’R band members and other artists. I hope my list proves useful to you and if you agree, disagree or simply want to add something on what I previously mentioned, please leave a comment down below and I will get back at you, first chance that I get.

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Thank you!

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