Buying a keyboard today may get a confusing process very easily. This is mainly because of the variety of products out there. Products, prices, functions even shapes can puzzle someone, everyone wants to get the best deal since a musical instrument is considered to be a long term investment (and it is). Then is the pricing part, which can influence a lot.

As an owner of two keyboards and a music enthusiast, I know several ways to recognize which deal is the best for you and I will share them with you on this article: How To Buy A Keyboard Online!

1. Don’t trust too expensive dealsMusic Keyboard

Not only in shops, but also mainly in several websites, people can find ridiculous (excuse the word) deals, and believe them. People can promise that their keyboard does everything and all other deals are simply irrational to choose. Then, they charge huge amounts of money and finally give the consumer a product that is not worth it (aka scams). I’m sure you’ve all heard of people being scammed online and we surely don’t want this happening.

So, when you’re about to pick a music keyboard keep in mind that:

  • A musical keyboard is like a classical piano, it only offers a variety of sounds to choose from
  • You can connect USB and headphones on it
  • You can download sounds and musical pieces for it
  • You may be able to connect your PC or your mobile device and use music and sounds from there
  • It may or may not be portable
  • It comes with a charger (but it might take batteries too)

2. Know what you want

It is important that you know your situation and what to ask for when you shop for a musical instrument such as the music keyboard.Music Keyboard

For example, if you are a professional, you might be looking for specific functions and types of sounds that a keyboard might be able to produce. In that case, you need to contact research or ask professionals (your music teacher maybe) to get further information.

Now, if you are a beginner, this may be your first time buying a music keyboard. So, you won’t be needing many features or sounds for your first keyboard.

If it is important for you to improvise, and you don’t follow a strict program designed by a music teacher you might need to be able to connect your own devices to get the sounds that you want.

If you learn with a teacher, you will probably start from some classical music pieces, so you won’t need extra sounds, all you’re looking for is a musical instrument to begin practicing. But if you’re thinking of getting an instrument with more features for the future, you shouldn’t look at the cheapest models out there.

My advice: Buy a keyboard with a variety of sounds and stick to the list I did above (about what a musical keyboard must have). Don’t get influenced by the extravagant features of some models out there and don’t compromise for a cheaper model which offers too few for the user. Be smart there and you’ll get the best deal.

3. Trust the person / company you’re buying from

If you’re to purchase something expensive, you always need to be sure that you won’t be scammed or misled. The last thing you need is trouble with the company, losing money or getting a broken and useless product. It is important that you trust the people you’re buying from.

Always check if the websites are legit and if they have any forms of communication available (preferably email address), so if you need anything you will be able to contact them. Ask anything you need, don’t hesitate.

If you’re buying from a shop in your city/town/neighborhood etc. chances are you won’t be misled. But feel free to ask to play on the music keyboard and ask them to show you many different kinds of models. Be picky before making the last choice and don’t compromise. It’s your money and you’re keeping that instrument for life, remember that!

My advice: Buy from brands that you know or that you have bought from in the past. This way it is less likely that you will face problems.

4. Check reviews online before buying

The Internet nowadays can play a huge role in purchases and it gives people from different backgrounds and situations the ability to share their views with the world. So, why not take advantage of the information available?

You will find good and bad reviews from many people, no matter what type or brand of keyboard you choose to research on. You may find shocking information about brands, instruments, even websites. And trust me, people are sincere on the Internet since it’s a free platform offered to everyone.

Typing Online

My advice: Look up the type/brand of keyboard you want to know more about + review and let the Internet work its magic. Read the reviews carefully but don’t hang from each and every word. Get the essence and you be more decisive when the time to pick a keyboard comes.

5. Ask a friend

If you know someone who already owns a music keyboard, don’t hesitate. Call them or message them about your thoughts, they will surely know the best deal for you. Especially if that person knows you well, they will be able to guide you better than you may think. Ask for advice and you shall receive, trust me! All music lovers want to share their experience with others, because music is something that connects us.

My advice: Reach out to music teachers, friends, family etc. Until you are completely satisfied and you won’t be disappointed.

Good luck

Don’t stress during the process. It’s just a purchase and the sure thing is that your keyboard will be fully functioning if you follow the advice I gave you above. When you get your keyboard in your hands, the magic will begin. You will have the opportunity to create beautiful sounds and play amazing musical pieces in your own home – amazing right? I guarantee that you’re gonna love it!

If you agree, disagree or simply want to add anything on what I previously mentioned please leave a comment down below and I will get back at you as fast as I can.

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Thank you!

2 Replies to “How To Buy A Keyboard Today”

  1. Thanks for bringing us these useful things to bare in mind when purchasing a keyboard.

    I certainly recommend buying a reputable make, as it is something that you want to last for ever.  Based on the fact that you will have it potentially for the rest of your life, it is worth pushing the budget as much as you can, so that you get the best that you can afford.

    If it is for you or your children to learn to play on, then you need to check what grade of music exam that it will be fit for purpose to.  You will also have to make sure that it has weighted keys etc.

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