Buying your very first acoustic guitar might be confusing and overwhelming for many people -and this is understandable. There is a variety of models of acoustic guitars in the market today therefore you need to mark certain points in order to find what is suitable for your situation and needs.

As a guitar player myself I always notice certain things when I’m buying an acoustic guitar. So I’m goin

Acoustic Guitar

g to give you some advice so that you don’t get stuck or affected by false information while buying an acoustic guitar.

Don’t spend too much time looking on professional acoustic guitars

Unless you’re a professional of course. But if not, you’d better look at some more simple (or beginner) models of acoustic guitars. And I know, from personal experience, that professional acoustic (and electric) guitars have cool features, colors, shapes etc. that might and will excite you, however you must be aware of what you truly need.

If what you’re looking for is a guitar to begin your guitar learning journey or to play for yourself or your friends and family, you don’t need to waste time on these models. If you’re looking for a guitar to show off or play with your band, than a flashier model might be a better choice.

Buy from trusted websites and shops

Especially if it is your first time buying a guitar. If one of your friends or family members owns a guitar, you might want to ask them where they got their guitar. Or you might want to read reviews on the Internet about shops or websites so that you are better-informed.

You might find good deals in controversial websites or shops however the quality is not guaranteed, therefore you shouldn’t waste your money there. If you are willing to test your luck by buying from a second hand store, it’s up to you, I don’t recommend it though. If the guitar you end up buying is broken in places or the strings aren’t correct, you won’t be able to use it.

Prices and what to expect

Keep in mind that you are about to buy an acoustic guitar, not an item of clothing that is easily replaceable and cheap. ALWAYS look for guitars which cost $150 (approximately) or higher – and I don’t mean to hurt your pockets at all. Any guitar model that is cheaper has a higher chance of not being suitable for users.

The goal is to keep your guitar for many years and use it a lot. Of course, you will need to protect and take care of your guitar at all times – you might need a case to carry it around or replace a broken string etc. but you don’t need a fragile model that doesn’t make guitar playing easy for you – always think of your own convenience too.
I advise you t

o create a budget plan before buying your acoustic guitar. Think that you might need to buy a case, picks to play easier (they are really useful especially if you are a beginner), a couple of books with easy acoustic guitar songs for beginners, a guitar stool to sit on etc. and stick to that. This way, you won’t end up spending too much, trust me!

Is it for a child or an adult?

That’s actually something you need to pay attention to. In the market there are several sizes of guitars depending on whether you are underaged or an adult. If you end up buying a guitar for kids and her in adult than it won’t be convenient for you to play, the guitar will be too small and, eventually useless. If you’re looking for a guitar for a child, you must specifically state it whether you’re buying from a website or from a shop, this way you will find what you need.


Especially if you’re buying from a controversial shop or website. Ask politely whether you can play the guitar you want to buy or not, chances are the shop assistant will let you play, so you will have the chance to see or how you are going to be holding your guitar or whether this model suits you or not.

Ask the people on the Internet about information, for example, whether they would consider this guitar good for a beginner, or whether this particular guitar caused them any problem and what that was. Nowadays, it is really easy to find information that you need on the Internet so it is important that you take advantage of it in order to find a suitable acoustic guitar model for you.

It’s really just a guitar – isn’t it?

What I mean by that is not to put too much thought or spend many days wondering whether this or that model is better and don’t get emotionally drained while contacting research in order to buy an acoustic guitar. You want to buy an acoustic guitar because you want to start learning or you want to have fun (or maybe you want to give it as a gift).

It’s not a big deal, all you need is a guitar that does the work for you – plays the music it’s supposed to play, the rest is just details – big or small. The feeling of getting the guitar in your hands for the first time is unique, you’ll see. And all you want to do is play all day and try different songs and genres.

Good Luck!

Honestly, a guitar gives a guitar player endless possibilities. Imagine how many times you have thought of trying to play that cool riff or jam on that one song. By having a guitar, you will be able to do these at all times – and show them off at your friends of course! Remember to read, conduct research and ask before purchasing. It will save you money and time, speaking from personal experience, always! I hope you find what you’re looking for at the end of the day.

Thank you!

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