Have you ever felt that you can’t find any song to fit your mood at a very moment?

Do you sometimes feel that you can’t listen to the same songs by yourself and with your family? You need a different playlist for every situation but simply can’t find the right songs for each one?Listening to Music

I have felt this way several times. At times, I need a new music playlist to refresh my mood, but I struggle when it comes to actually creating one. I have searched here and there and I found several ways to spot the songs that I like easily. I now know how to list the songs depending on the situation I need them for too!

And today I will share my tips with you!

Tip #1: Pick a platform

Every platform has different procedures when it comes to creating playlists. Every person has different preferences too! You can choose between ex. Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music etc. but I’ll leave this up to you. If you have music downloaded on a music app on your phone / tablet / PC you can still do it. In almost every platform it is super easy for almost every user to create a playlist they want. If you don’t know how to do this in you platform all you need to do is find a tutorial.

I will give you links for some tutorials below. Keep in mind that some of these platforms require payment.

Tutorial for YouTube: click here

Tutorial for Spotify: click here

Tutorial for Apple Music: click here

You need a place to download or find your songs from, therefore a playlist is necessary. Now, let’s go to the making the playlist part!

Tip #2: Find your genre or genreMusic Production

This can be done with experimenting a little. To begin with, you will surely have genres that you love or not, so you can include or leave behind those first. Most platforms offer all types of music, so if you search a genre or an artist that you are not very familiar with, you will find a sample of their work or a couple of songs to listen to.

You might be surprised by finding an artist or a genre for the first time and immediately falling in love with the music, because there are too many genres and artists out there, there’s little possibility not finding something you’ll like. So, searching is worth it.

For example, I really like rock music. I know several rock artists and bands which I haven’t listened to yet, therefore, when I need something different to listen to, I will try them first. Then, I’m into pop music. I might try out some 70s and 80s artists and bands or, if I want something new, I will listen to today’s pop music.

Then, I love jazz but not a particular jazz artist. I may experiment with different sounds and instrumentals, which may not always be made by the most well – known jazz artist.

Below I will leave you some links on my music recommendations on several music genres that I love. Check it out! Do you know any of these songs? Do you like them?

For 80s Pop Music Artists Recommendations: click here

For Classic Rock Artists and Song Recommendations: click here

For Jazz Recommendations: click here

For Country Music Recommendations: click here

Tip #3: Give artists and genres you don’t know very well a chance


Some of us don’t feel like listening to something other than our comfort music and that is okay. Sometimes we need the artists and songs that we are familiar with after a bad day or to fix our mood. We all have these moments sometimes.

However, we are the only ones who can cause change in our lives. We have the power to find new music and only we can do it. Therefore, we should approach genres that we don’t know well with good intentions. No matter how the people around us may feel about them, we need to have our own opinion too. Remember you are unique and you are not supposed to love everything people around you do.

We all express ourselves differently. You see, you don’t like everything your friends like, and that’s how it should be! Find your identity through music and express yourself the way you want!

Tip #4: List the songs on the playlists

You might find this difficult. You may not be sure which song fits which situation. Again, I can help you with that.

Experimenting is important once again. For example, if you want to make a playlist for your friends, wait until you actually hang out with them. Then, be the DJ and improvise by putting all sorts of songs that you want. Check the vibe in every situation. See how you feel in this situation with this song playing in the background. Listen to other people’s comments or see their reaction. You might be surprised.

Once I absolutely loved a song but I was really embarrassed to listen to it with my friends. One day, a friend of mine who knew that I loved it, made the other friends to listen to it. At first, I was hesitant, but then I expressed my true feelings about this song. All of my friends loved it and we still listen to it together.

Voila, your playlists are ready! Enjoy.Music Playlist

Now, you have all the playlists you need. Remember, there is no secret formula to making every playlist. Also, keep in mind that a playlist may contain any number of songs you want, from 2 to 100 and more. It’s up to you, always. You can create as many playlists you want for many situations, that is also okay.

Do what you feel like. And don’t forget, after getting tired of a playlist you can delete it to save space. To keep the songs, you can write them in your notes or on a piece of paper for future use.

Let me know if you found at least one of these tips helpful.

If you agree, disagree or simply want to add anything on what I previously mentioned please leave a comment down below and I will get back at you as fast as I can.

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Thank You!

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