GuitarIf you are new to the guitar playing you might have heard of the barre chords, but if you have reached a level where you need to learn them or have already learned them you know that they can make the life of a guitarist really difficult. But what actually are barre chords and why guitarists dislike them, in a way?

The barre chords are guitar chords, but what makes them different from all other chords is that one needs to use their index finger, mostly, to touch all six guitar strings. In other words, one finger plays the role of the guitar capo for a second or two, while the other fingers are used to play a guitar chord.

This process sounds hard by itself, let alone do it. I remember my first time trying to play a barre chord, I thought it was the end of my guitar playing. I believed that guitar would never be as fun as it was before I discovered barre chords. But let me tell you this, now I play great songs, using a lot of barre chords, without encountering much difficulty. How did I do this? I’ll tell you in this article.

Beginners vs Barre chordsGuitar Chords

If you have never tried to play a barre chord, you might want to try it out after reading this article. My description might have been a bit wordy so you can find a tutorial on learning how to play barre chords on guitar here. The tutorial is really short and beginner – friendly.

So, in order to begin playing a few chords and songs on the guitar you have put all of your effort and time in practice. And well done! You did great enough to reach the barre chords part. You find out what barre chords are and you get slightly disappointed. All this work and now you have to do it again.

If you feel like this you’re in the right place, my friend. See, this means you work hard and you want to be able to play the guitar in the future, someday you will do it, I believe in you. The important thing is that you focus on learning about these barre chords now.

“I think my fingers will break”Guitar Player

Yes, that’s how I felt too when I began practicing the barre chords. I thought to myself “Okay, now I’m definitely doing something wrong and I will end up losing my finger”. If you feel that your finger is really sensitive don’t put too much effort, we don’t want permanent damage. Also, if you feel like you have actually damaged your finger you might need to get advice by a professional. But that is for those who are self – taught, if you have a teacher it is important that you get advice from them.

But then again, it’s more likely that your fingers are not used to the pressure applied by playing barre chords. You might feel that your finger bones are hurting a little, that is normal. It’s like the tip of your finger hurting when you first start playing guitar, you definitely have experienced that since you are in the barre chords part of your learning.

That can only be solved with practice.

Practice a lotGuitarist

Learning how to play the barre chords cannot be done by reading a few books or watching a couple of videos. It needs practice, like many things in guitar playing. Trust me on this one, if you don’t give it the practice required, you won’t be able to reach the result you want. Unfortunately or not, that’s what it is with the guitar.

You can practice by choosing to play songs that include one or two barre chords to start with. Get your fingers familiar with the barre chords, play the songs again and again. Don’t feel defeated or disappointed. You will soon realize that you have improved much. Soon, you will be able to play songs you only could dream of playing. And that is an amazing feeling.

Make time for practicing. It is important that you don’t practice once every two weeks if you know what I mean. Practice frequently, make mistakes, get back up, practice again. This is the advice I give everyone, in every step they take with guitar practicing and it works.

Take breaksAcoustic Guitar

Oh please remember that. Rest is as much as important as practice. You may be trying to play a barre chord for hours and still not get the result that you want. Get out of your room, go out for a walk or do something else. Ina few hours go back and check, chances are you will be able to play it this time.

Take time for yourself, to clear your mind, to put your thoughts aside. Sometimes, tiredness prevents us from seeing the bigger picture, things can get easier if you take a rest. Remember it is all part of the process and you need to get through this with patience.

Your love for guitar will show you the way

It’s a bit cheesy but it’s true. Remember why you started playing, remember where you wanted to be and where you are now. Surely, you’re closer to your goal. The guitar is a beautiful instrument, you get to create amazing sounds with it. Think of all the songs you want to play on the guitar next. Or, think of the songs you love that have guitar in them. Too many right?

Every day, you’re one step closer to perfecting your guitar skills. Don’t listen to people who say guitar requires talent. Hard work can take you anywhere, trust me. Saying that others are talented is an excuse not to try again, remember that.

If you agree, disagree or simply want to add something on what I previously mentioned, please leave a comment down below and I will get back at you, first chance that I get.

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