Owning an electric guitar may sound spectacular to many and it really is. The truth is, we all see those great musicians performing live and we always wonder how they effortlessly make no mistake while playing their solos or some riffs.

They all are a BIG inspiration to many, I’m talking from experience. But before buying an electric guitar one may find that there are a lot of contributing factors they need to take into account.

As a guitar player and enthusiast, I will show you below how to pick an electric guitar that suits you and your needs.

Electric Guitars

1) Don’t Stress

For many people an electric guitar is a big purchase, however all you want is an electric guitar that plays the music for you, right? I’ve seen many people who overthought before even going to the music store or seeing the electric guitar models that exist in the market.

Trust me, it all seems a little bit confusing but with the right guidance will get to the right path.

2) The Electric Guitar Is NOT Your First Guitar

You’re buying an electric guitar provided that you know how to play the acoustic guitar. For some people owning an electric guitar seems more fascinating than owning an acoustic guitar, but that doesn’t really make sense.

I’ll give you an example.

Imagine how many incredible songs (and cover songs) have you heard where the musician only used acoustic guitar, that sure is a lot! It’s all about the skills you acquire not the piece of instrument you own, remember that!

Besides, an electric guitar it’s a lot easier to make mistakes than learning acoustic guitar, I thought the beginner books for guitar learners start by recommending acoustic guitar songs.

However, don’t lose hope, you WILL get to a certain level when you will be able to play cool electric guitar riffs and that will be amazing!

3) Is This Your First Electric Guitar?

If yes, continue reading (if no, you can skip to #4). This is for you.

We all would love it if our guitar could make cool sounds or if it had a flashy color that attracts all eyes. Keep in mind that you’re just a beginner though! You obviously don’t need too many extravagant features, which will eventually cost a fortune, especially if you have zero experience on electric guitars.

Trust me, sticking on simpler models is the right choice because electric guitars designed for professionals might take you too much time to comprehend what every button does exactly, which will take up significant time and disorientate you.

Your primary purpose is learning how to play the electric guitar and how to master simple tricks that will boost your playing. And a simple model of electric guitar will make sure of that!

4) Trust the Product Before Buying It

If you’re buying from a store, you must check every feature, every single detail and ask the shopping assistance for help if you need it – don’t hesitate.

You’re supposed to be owning the guitar for years and carrying it around while going on trips, you’re supposed be playing with your friends and family, to lend it to people or to store it somewhere for a long time (if necessary). Your return must suit you needs and you shouldn’t need to change your lifestyle in

Electric Guitar

order to apply it to the guitar’s needs. Of course, you will take care of it and you might need to buy extra equipment to support it such as picks or strings, if you break any.

All musical instruments are fragile and sensitive, yes, however I wouldn’t recommend buying from secondhand or suspicious stores even if you find a good bargain. Your guitar should be brand new in order to last long, besides some stores and online shops offer guarantees (five or ten years) which ensure that your guitar won’t break during that period, you should check that too.

5) Have A Budget

It’s easy to get out of control while shopping for electric guitar, and for music equipment in general. You might see many different models which offer many different features to the user and you might get influenced.

In the Internet world there are many possibilities and offers so is this pretty easy to find what you need, but it is also easy to get lost. If you keep a budget in mind however we will find what you want easier and you will spend less.

It is difficult to make a good bargain without knowing how much you’re able to spend. Feel free to add extra equipment you might need on your budget plan such as picks, strings or music books. You will certainly need an amplifier too, but I will cover that topic on #6.

6) Amplifier Is A Must

When buying an electric guitar the amplifier is simply a necessity. You don’t want to get that sound broken or to hardly make any sounds and, trust me, by owning an amplifier your playing will sound way cooler. There is a wide variety of amplifiers in the market today, so make sure you pick the right one.

Of course if this is your first electric guitar you won’t know everything about amplifiers. You can make sure that the amplifier matches your electric guitar by buying from the same website or store where you can ask for support or the shopping assistance to guide you.

The amplifier may seem confusing at first but as soon as you get more familiar with the electric guitar, you will find the amplifier very useful as it can create a wide variety of sounds to match the style of every song you play. Of course if you’re a beginner you need to stick to the simple models which are cheaper.

You certainly don’t need an amplifier that can wake up people from the next quarter from their afternoon nap! So, shop wisely and stick to your budget!

Rock On!

Once you have your guitar, the magic begins! Endless possibilities will appear before you… I’m serious!

If you agree, disagree or simply want to add anything on what I previously mentioned, feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back at you as soon as possible!

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Thank you!

2 Replies to “How To Pick An Electric Guitar That Suits YOU – 6 Tips”

  1. Hi, 

    Thank u for this sweet little article on choosing guitars. I am in search of one, as usual. It’s funny how soon one wants a new instrument. But that’s what music lovers are, I guess. 

    I couldn’t agree with you more on your tip of having a budget. Everytime I go shopping, I end up blowing more than double of what I had planned. I shall surely keep this in mind now. I shall have a budget for my guitars.

    Rock on,


    1. Hello, 

      Thank you for your comment, it means a lot to me! For sure, buying a guitar is really exciting, I, myself have felt it too, but there are some things we need to take into consideration first! I’m glad I helped!

      If you need anything else don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

      Rock On!


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