SingerAs a music enthusiast for many years, I have asked myself this question so many times.

Even though I have a profession that I absolutely love (commercial pilot), and that’s what I want to do, I have wondered more than once whether it is a good idea to leave everything behind for music. Since you are here, I am assuming you have thought about this too.

Well, here I will write my advice on how to deal with these kind of thoughts. What I mean is, how to tell if you are good or talented enough to follow that career path.

Although my blog is not about career advice, I feel like writing about this topic. It is something I have struggled with for so long because of my great love for music.

I hope this article clears your mind and helps you make better decisions in the future.

What kind of musician will you be?

Many of you will easily give the answer to this question. Others love to sing, play one or two musical instruments or write songs, therefore you may have to choose one of these to begin your music career. Some people may just love the life and glamour of being an artist nowadays and they may love the idea of having money and being loved by an audience.

Whether we like it or not, this is a crucial step to a music career. Most musicians made this choice before, therefore you will have to do it too. To be honest, if you only love the lifestyle of a musician and you don’t sing or play a musical instrument, this is the time to start learning. Without skills, you won’t be able to make money in this industry.

Note to those who are here solely for the money: I don’t think this career suits your needs. Most musicians start by playing small venues for so little money and it takes a great amount of luck to finally be found by a reputable manager and get promoted. Also, there are so many passionate people in this field, being there only for the money will be an exhausting process for you.

Stand up for your decision no matter whatGuitarist

This is really important. If you decide that music is the ideal career for you, you need to stand up for it when necessary.

You see, people will finally be interested in what you want to do professionally, when that time comes you need to have the guts to say you want to be an artist, a musician, a songwriter etc.

Don’t let people’s negative opinions bring you down. You have the power to do anything you set your mind to.

People may say that the life of a musician is hard and they may try to discourage you. Don’t let them win. Smile and leave them be. They will soon be shadowed by your success, I’m sure of it!

How to prepare for a music career

While you are studying or working, you may have some time to give to your future music career. At that time you can plan and set goals for yourself in order to achieve your dream.

At that time, you may want to practice your musical instrument skills or do voice exercises every day to be ready to perform when the right time comes. Also, you may want to write a few songs to be ready, but don’t push yourself. The songs you write need to be good, therefore give them all the time they need. If you have something nice in your hands, you have a higher chance of getting hired and starting earlier.

You may also want to spend some time on your looks. If you want to become a performer, you need to exercise and get fit. Also, get inspired without copying others. Experiment with your hair color, get some cool clothes, a new piercing maybe, and you will be ready. Even if you choose the direction of the songwriter, you still need a cool appearance in order to get hired.

Give yourself the time to do all of these, but don’t overdo it.

What to do to increase your odds of getting a good jobGuitarist

The answer is easy here. Apply for as many jobs as possible.

If you are a songwriter, send some of your work too.

If you are a musician, ask around in restaurants and other places with live music available. You may be too shy to do this but I will tell you one thing: every successful musician started like this. And people who hire new artists like going to these places.

You may also want to be a street musician. See the laws of your country / state for that. Some countries want you to have a sort of license in order to be able to perform I a specific place for certain amount of time.

Make sure you are not illegal.

Also, you may want to appear as a new artist on social media like Tik Tok and Instagram. One thing is for sure, people LOVE new musicians and they give them incredible amounts of love, especially on Tik Tok.

Upload your work consistently and let the algorithm make you famous.

Make sure you offer quality content, and give your audience a story time, for example, how you wrote this or that song, talk about your background etc. Be friends with your audience.

Good luck!

The music industry is a great place for new ideas but you need guts to get to the top. I believe it is just as scary as many other careers and if you have love for what you do, it will be seen in the end.

If you agree, disagree or simply want to add something on what I previously mentioned, please leave a comment down below and I will get back at you, first chance that I get.

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Thank you!

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