PianoThe piano is one of the most important music instruments according to several experts. In fact, the whole music theory, which every professional musician and artist needs to know, is based on the piano. In order to understand the music theory better, artists choose to learn how to play the piano, even if it is not their main instrument. That is one of the main reasons why the piano is so important and many people want to know how to play it.

But this is not the only reason. People have been playing the piano for many years, therefore, many incredible pieces were created since the time piano was invented. I’m sure you have listened to at least one piano piece, so you probably know how great piano sounds.

Personally, I started learning piano through my mother’s love for it. She had learned for approximately 10 years when she was younger and my grandfather had bought her a piano. It is a huge and beautiful instrument that still decorates our house to this day. Watching her playing so gracefully, I just wanted to learn too.

Today, I still continue learning without a teacher. I choose the music pieces I want to play and then I just practice a lot. As a music enthusiast and a piano player for many years, I will give you TIPS and TRICKS to learn how to play them piano fast today! This is some advice I wish I was given when I started learning myself or at times when I found playing the piano to difficult and I wanted to quit.

Tip #1: Trust the processPiano Player

When I encountered the first difficulties in my piano learning experience, I thought that this would be my fate from now on… I thought that the difficult part would never end, sometimes I came to the bitter conclusion that piano was only for people with talents and not for me.

If you ever hear that voice in your head, like me, do not believe it. What it says to you is simply not real and I can prove it. You see, in order to learn something from a book you need to read it again and again and in order to learn to do something, for example cooking a dish, you need to practice it again and again.

It’s the same with every music instrument. You need to be consistent not defeated with every minor inconvenience. It is the only way, but it works! And the result will be amazing, you and your friends will get to listen to it in excitement.

Tip #2: Practice, practice, practicePiano Player

If you read my previous article you will realize that I mention practicing a lot. Why? Because it is necessary to learn.

Practice is necessary in almost everything as I said before. It will help you get where you want. Practice is not punishment, it should be considered a reward. You should cherish every moment, because at that very moment, you are better than yesterday and you will be even better tomorrow.

All the famous musicians who get to play their music instruments flawlessly, have been in your shoes. What you see in a concert is the final result not the mistakes that happened to get there, and trust me, when it comes to complex musical pieces and solos, there’s lots of them. I believe in talent to some extent, but hard work will actually get you the result you want.

Tip #3: Play piano to have fun

After practicing a lot and getting through all your mistakes, there might be days when you will think that playing the piano for fun is impossible. You really shoud get rid of these thoughts and I will explain how.

You should get yourself to listen to some piano instrumental songs or songs that have piano playing. There are just too many songs with piano to choose from out there, all you need to do is want to look them up online. At some point, you will find a song that will get stuck in your head and it will motivate you to continue to play the piano in order to reach a certain level and be able to play it yourself. Cool right?

Or, you might want to find piano songs in order to practice with them. Instead of performing exercises on the piano, which may seem boring and meaningless, try playing a song. You will instantly realize that they is a purpose in playing the piano and getting a nice result will boost your confidence.

Make sure the song is easy though. Consider your level and the effort you want to put in and try something that could suit you.

Tip #4: Take breaksPiano Sheet

Now, after mentioning the importance of practice above, I just want to say that breaks are important too and don’t skip them.

Playing the piano all day is tiring at some point, no matter how much you love this music instrument. Rest is important in everything, so at some point, feel free to stop playing and do something else. Allow yourself to clear your mind off of every mistake you made during practice, stop having the piano in your mind.

Take a walk, get some fresh air, socialize with friends and allow your mind to wander away. You can do this every time you feel overwhelmed of playing or when you feel that you played too much. When you come back to practice, there is a high chance that you will surprise yourself by playing correctly, it has happened to me many times.

Be consistent and you’ll get there

It is all part of the process, I promise.

One day, you will look back to your struggles and wonder how you came this far. And then, you will be grateful that you pushed through!

If you agree, disagree or simply want to add something on what I previously mentioned, please leave a comment down below and I will get back at you, first chance that I get.

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