As a fan of the music of the 80s myself, I must say there are many popular and legendary songs which many people still listen to at this day. However, there are some songs that wrote history in the charts and in people’s hearts. This is my list of the most popular songs of the 80s, a decade we will never forget.

1) Call Me – Blondie

One of the most legendary women in rock and roll history, Debbie Harry (main vocalist) and her band performed and composed this song, which remained #1 for six weeks in the Billboard hot 100 charts. Blondie was at their peak at the moment.

Even though I wasn’t alive at that time I’m pretty sure that this song was played almost everywhere, and that would be because of its catchy beat, which was influenced by pop and punk rock.

2) Bette Davis Eyes – Kim Carnes

This song is turn reminder of the 80s decade to the today’s listener. Kim Carnes’ song spent 9

weeks being a #1 on Billboard Hot 100 Charts, which is quite a feat, especially for a not-so-well-known artist in that period, I believe.


According to sources, the song originally it was number one for five weeks until it was interrupted by Stars on 45 Medley. Then it went back to #1 where is stayed for four weeks, and it was considered to be the biggest hit of the year.

3) Physical – Olivia Newton John

In my opinion this is a Guinness World Record song, and I am not kidding! Physical by Olivia Newton John stayed #1 in the Billboard Hot 100 Charts for solid 10 weeks (imagine that!).

It’s catchy upbeat rhythm really captivated the audience that “devoured” the song. Many radio stations still play that song because of the strong public appeal it has.

4) Every Breath You Take – The Police

This is another chart legendary song. Every breath you take it was #1 in the charts for eight weeks. The new wave reggae rock band it was really popular among the public during the 70s and 80s.

However later on they disbanded. The singer who is known as Sting, it was really popular among the public and had numerous fans while the other two members have some solo work too.

5) When Doves Cry – Prince

This is one of the most legendary artists out there to me. This got me really emotional because his work and contribution to the music industry has been huge and significant to me, as well as to many people.

Prince who is an inspiring figure to many people and his music will be heard for many decades. When Doves Cry was a really big hit, he topped the charts for five weeks.

6) Like A Virgin – Madonna

I learned this song from my dad who’s a huge fan of Madonna back then, and to be honest it was stuck in my head for weeks. Like a Virgin by Madonna remain number one in the charts for six weeks and it is truly a song that reminds people of 80s pop and culture.

Madonna is a really big artist and figure in the world in general and has contributed with her actions in tackling several severe problems of the world, and that’s the reason why I admire her.

7) Careless Whisper – George Michael

After Wham’s disbanding because of his band mate’s unfortunate death, George Michael experienced a big success in the music industry, especially with the song Careless Whisper which was released in the middle of the decade of the 80s. Its unique saxophone which is played at the beginning and in the middle of the song is legendary and is still remembered until today.

The song remained in the charts for three weeks. After George Michael’s death in 2019, it is still played a lot and it has been embraced by the newer generations too.

8) Say You, Say Me – Lionel Richie

There is no doubt that almost everyone knows this song. It’s really popular because of its unique melody and because it is played everywhere. This song reminded the charts for four weeks as a #1, and for many people it is considered to be the best love song out there.

Lionel Richie has his own unique style it is really difficult to find songs like his. Say You, Say Me was, is and always will be distinctive to the listeners.

9) Walk Like an Egyptian

This is another distinctive hit of the 80s with almost everyone who has lived in the 80s knows. To be honest I had to conduct a little bit of research in order to find this song because it wasn’t played in radio stations (at least where I live) therefore I didn’t know it at the beginning.

When I first listened to it, I was captivated by its upbeat rhythm, it really is a very good song which deserves its success. It remained in the charts for four weeks, however it has lost the public appeal today.

10) Faith – George Michael

Missing remained #1 in the charts for four weeks. I learned that this song exists because my mother didn’t like it, and generally not many people around me were into it, even though they loved George Michael’s work. At first, I wasn’t into it too.

After a few years though when the movie Last Christmas came out and listen to it again and I found out that it was pretty good. The lyrics were stuck in my mind for weeks.

What Do You Think?

Which are YOUR favorite songs of the 80s? Am I right or wrong? Did I miss any important point or song? What do YOU think about these songs? If you agree, disagree or simply want to add anything at all, please feel free to comment down below and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

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