Before going into this topic I must say that both instruments are equally great. They can play almost all genres and you will be able to reach a great music level whether you decide to start with either of those.

So, you might be wondering this because you want to start by learning one of these, so that you can learn the other one later. Or you just can’t seem to be able to choose between these two great instruments.Piano

As a pianist and an amateur guitar player (self-taught), I have learned a lot about both instruments through the years of practicing. Even thought I personally started by learning to play the piano, I know that the guitar can offer a lot of perks to a beginner musician or music enthusiast.

Today, I am going to list all the perks and, maybe drawbacks, that these instruments have in the beginning of the process of learning. Basically, I will talk about the things that I found easy or difficult while learning each one.

Piano… My first instrument

WhenI started learning how to play the piano I was really young, maybe 8 years old. My mother knew how to play and she played for me often so I was amazed and wanted to follow her steps. My first piano lessons were a dream come true. However, I stopped after 6 years, but I still practice by myself sometimes.

Piano is soothing and I love the sound of it. Whenever I can play a song almost perfectly, I feel the joy after many hours of practicing.

Perks and DrawbacksPiano Player

What can I say… Piano has many perks as an instrument for a beginner musician. I am going to list what I think is the most important ones though:

  • Learning the music theory easily: When someone is learning a music instrument professionally, they probably want to know how to read notes and other symbols associated to them. This way, the read music sheets easier and don’t make mistakes. However, a big part of the music theory one needs to know is based on the piano. Many guitar players, even the mist experienced ones, had to begin piano lessons in order to understand the basics of music.
  • Helps learn the notes and tones: If you have no idea about music, piano can help you learn a lot about it. That is because, the notes on the piano are aligned and you don’t need experience and practice to find them, like the guitar. What you need is right in front of you and that is super helpful when practicing.

I’ll have to list some drawbacks for starting with the piano now.

  • The instrument itself: Obviously you don’t have to waste much money by buying a grand piano. You don’t need a piano to show it off, you need it for practice (except for some cases though). You will probably invest in a keyboard, which offers many other sounds and features, just in case you need those too. But, let’s be honest, buying a keyboard is much more expensive than buying a guitar that does the work for you.
  • Learning songs: Of course, when learning a music instrument, practice is one of the most important things in order to get a result. But, I found it more difficult to practice on the piano than to practice on the guitar. That might be a personal opinion, but if you want to play an amazing song on the piano you need days, even weeks to perfect it. In guitar though, there are many famous riffs that you can learn, that even an amateur can master in a few days. (You can find some easy riffs I listed here)Guitar

Guitar… The instrument I taught myself

After years and years of playing the piano and being into classical music, I started listening to classic rock and pop. I was really fascinated by those famous guitarists (surely you’ve seen one) who flaunted their skills onstage, I wanted to acquire their skills too.

Some people told me that these people are talented and no-one can reach their level, but I believe that with hard work anything is possible. So, I borrowed my grandfather’s old guitar, I downloaded tutorials, I bought a music book and got down to business. Learning the guitar seemed pretty easy back then, I believe it was my passion and will to begin and learn. You all can do it, I promise you.

Perks and Drawbacks

Since guitar is probably the most popular instrument on earth, there are a lot of perks:

  • You can learn from everywhere: And that is actually true. If you are self-taught like me, you might want to look on the internet for people who teach you how to play the guitar. There is a variety of tutorials and people who learn the guitar and are in the exact same position as you. This means you can find advice easier and get to know with others out there. You can talk about your struggles and I’m sure you will find someone who has been in you shoes
  • Portable instrument: Whether you need to store it or take it on a trip with you, the guitar is perfect. By having a piano you can only play it at your house and you can’t hide it easily in case you need to do so.

And here are some drawbacks I thought of:

  • Too much information means too much misleading if you’re not careful: Many people out there will take advantage of your love for music and try to sell you several things or services. Don’t fall for those. Don’t spend too much money on tutorials and books that you night never need. All you want is to learn, so stick to your practice and you will get the results you want. (No, you don’t need an electric guitar too!)Guitarist
  • You might find it difficult to learn the music theory: In case you are going professional, you can still start with the guitar, but you will have to learn the piano when the time comes to study theory. Since, the whole music theory is based on the piano, you will have no choice. But this way, you can learn two instruments at once, so it might become a perk at this point. It’s totally up to you to choose.

Choose wisely

Or choose both if you have the time. But remember, there is no right or wrong on this one. All you need is passion and will to learn and, trust me, you will get the results that you want. I believe in you! You got it!

If you agree, disagree or simply want to add something on what I wrote above, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you first chance that I get.

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Thank you!

20 Replies to “Should I Learn Guitar Or Piano? Where To Begin…”

  1. This was never a question i thought I would need to ask myself but here we are. I’ve always wanted to learn both but haven’t had the time. Now, that i’m looking into it I guess I should ask which one do I want to start with. I wonder if learning one will help you learn the other. I imagine it would with reading music but I wonder if learning piano will make the finger placements for guitar easier to learn.

    1. Hi. Thank you for your comment!

      Yes, I agree with what you said. It is important that you make this decision on your own, after all you will have to put in all the work to learn that instrument.

      So, it must be something you want.

      Take your time and think of my advice before making your choice.

  2. There is an inner cry in my heart to learn about music.

    I tried both instruments but did not give my time and commitment to practice.

    My left hand is weak now but I can still flex my fingers. I am being inspired by the wonder PWD’s who can do extra ordinary things. I see piano easier to press than guitar. I want to start practicing with this instrument.

    Just a question, does learning a musical instrument has age limit? I am 49 years old, is it still suited for me to play piano?

    1. Hi Rose. Thank you for your comment.

      I’m glad you are willing to learn a musical instrument, it’s great that you found my article. 

      Don’t worryy about your hands being weak. With practice anything is possible.

      There is no age limit in music, it is important that you love the instrument you are learning and that you give it all the time necessary to master it. Anything is possible, I believe in you!

  3. That’s great that your mother encouraged you to learn piano.  We had a piano in our house growing up but I never really got into it, although my sister got pretty good.  It’s still in the back of my mind to start learning it as an adult.  I did teach myself guitar years ago but haven’t played in months.  I noticed that guitar teachers have very different methods in teaching absolute beginners, so it is important to learn in a way that makes the most sense for you, in my opinion.

    1. Hi Max. Thank you for your comment. 

      On ecan start learning to play the piano at any age.

      I believe if one is willing to learn, they can do it. You can do it, I believe in you!

      I agree with you, guitar teachers can have diifferent methods of teaching. You can always get the help of a professional, but if no-one seems to suit you, you can still teach yourself.

      There are many free tutorials and e-books online.

  4. My mom was a piano teacher and I, of course, grew up playing piano as well.  For that reason, I will always be partial to the piano.  I believe everybody should start with piano, as it is the foundation to everything – most instruments or performances are accompanied by the piano.  It’s like the baseline instrument.  Like you said, it is the easiest with which to learn theory and scaling and such.  Also, in my opinion, it’s just the easiest to play, as far as the mechanics of it.  Guitar strings can hurt, and Brass or Wind instruments can be difficult to learn the fingering.  Learning to play piano keys and pedaling is a breeze comparatively.  Once you have the piano down, it will be 1000x easier to pick up another instrument.

    1. Hi Molly. Thank you for your comment.

      I agree with you. I, myself, started with learning the piano when I was very young. Then I learned the music theory, and after that, taching myself hwo to lay the guitar was really simple. 

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and advice. It was great reading them.

  5. Thank you very much for sharing your opinion on this. I happen to start learning guitar first, and now I ventured into piano. But I am not very good at playing the guitar. I just lernt the mayors and minors. And also learned to tune myself the guitar and off I went. However with piano I am taking some formal lessons. I know the first instrument we learn influences our way of viewing music for the rest of our life.

    1. Hi Ann. Thank you for your comment.

      It is great that you started learning guitar now! Also, learning with a teacher is beneficial because it saves you much time. Keepp going strong!

  6. I love both these instruments and would recommend both. Guitar for the wild countryside visits and piano for the quite indoors. I play a bit of both, and it sure makes me popular and happy. 

    Lovely article that gives the best of both. You are a great writer. I keep coming back for reading your blogs.



  7. Hi Dominique. Thank you for very interesting article. I just started my adventure with guitar and its good to see comparison with other instruments. I was thinking about piano, but to be fair, it takes too much space, its completely not portable and well… I believe guitar is more cool. Music theory is not easy, but I believe step by step, and with lot of trainings I will be good enough to play to my friends.

  8. Great post. I never knew this about the piano before but it makes sense. A lot of guitar players play by ear or can read tablature but not music. I guess it depends on what level you want to take your music to. I’d imaging being able to read music can make you a better musician in much the same way being able to read and write would make someone a better poet.

  9. You’ve asked an important question. I play 5-string banjo, electric bass, and autoharp. However, I started with the piano. I really do think the piano is the best instrument to start with, as you will learn so much that you can apply to other instruments. You might find you can play something fairly complicated faster on the piano than on a guitar. When I started on banjo, I’d never played a string instrument. Learning how to read the fretboard was a bit more difficult than learning where to find things on piano. However, the piano allowed me to figure out scales on a fretted instrument, a skill that might have been much harder without piano first. Either instrument is wonderful, so however you start, be glad you did. Playing a musical instrument can add a great new dimension to your life.

  10. This topic is a very interesting topic because i came to a point in my life when i wanted to learn musical instrument and i was stuck on what to choose but i do really love the guitar as i also love the piano but my friends told me guitar was difficult to learn while piano was easy to learn but at the end of the day i choose the guitar and with my knowledge of the guitar i can play the piano too.thanks for this article it amazing

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