As a student, I have been trying to find efficient ways to study for many years. I’ve read many studies and researches on this topic, where tips and tricks to concentrate and learn better are presented. However, sometimes learning is just too difficult, or should I say impossible?

These days I have been trying to study with music. A friend of mine suggested that this is a good way to memorize and concentrate. At first, I was skeptical. To me, it was impossible to concentrate with the noise on the street, let alone music playing.

I thought it wouldn’t work but I was surprised. While listening to music I was much more concentrated and I did better in my exams. Since then, I can’t study without music.

Will it affect my performance in exams?Studying

As I answered above, no. I was listening to music while studying for my exams and everything was ok in the end. However, the situation may be different for you.

Some people believe that, by listening to music every time you study, you will have a hard time concentrating during the actual time of the exam. This means that, there is a chance that you will be missing the sound of music in your ears at the time of the exam. However, as we all know, you won’t be able to listen to music in most exams, therefore you might fail.

ATTENTION: This is NOT the case for everyone. For example, I did well in my exam.

Which music is the best to listen to?

When I first decided to try listening to music while studying, I had no idea what to listen to. So, I googled: “Which is the best music to listen to while studying” and then, classical music as well as some playlists appeared.

Most of these playlists contain lofi music or slow and smooth instrumentals that can help one concentrate and study.

My first choice was classical music, especially Mozart and Vivaldi. After my first study session, I was impressed. I did everything I had to do so fast. I also got familiar with new classical music and kept wondering why I never tried studying with music before.Studying

After some time, I tried studying with lofi beats. It was a great experience but not as good as the classical music in my opinion. To be honest, I am not really keen on lofi, so it didn’t work for me, but, of course, it may be the ideal music genre to study to for somebody else.

Then, I tried creating playlists myself. I put in songs that I liked and experimented a lot. This was the best. Studying with music I knew and loved helped me concentrate a lot. This may sound strange, and it actually is! While listening to the music we love, we are supposed to lip sync, dance and go crazy, most of the time, not study! However, luckily, I am capable to concentrate with the music I love most.

How to choose which music is best?

Here, there is no secret formula. Music might or might not do it for some people while studying, but no-one can tell you if it’s suitable for you or not. The one thing you can do is experiment yourself.

Try classical music, lofi beats, your own music and genres etc. Try studying and memorizing with them. If you feel like dancing or singing, then that music may not be suitable for you to study. This may happen several times, or none, it is different for everyone.

Once you find what you like, you will feel great while studying. I, myself, who felt that studying is a burden, was looking forward to studying once I found that studying and music can be a match.

For some people, music just doesn’t go with studying. That is okay. If you are looking for ways to concentrate more while studying you can find many, that don’t include music, online. Many people find music and studying impossible.

You feel calmer with musicHeadphones

If you choose to study with music, you will be able to accomplish your tasks without feeling overwhelmed. Studies show that music can make us feel more content, so music can actually make studying way more fun.

Instead of causing you anxiety, studying will be an exciting activity (at least that is how I see it). I know, studying sometimes tires us, but music can change our minds.

I strongly suggest that you try studying with music, especially if you are extremely busy with many things to do. It will relieve your stress and increase your concentration.

Also, studying with music, might introduce you to new songs and artists. That is always an exciting experience, especially if you love music like me. You may not have time to listen to music in your day, so listening to music while studying could be ideal for you. Trust me and try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Good luck!

I hope you listen to my advice and listen to music while studying at least once. It is a great experience and it can help you in many ways. You may soon find it difficult to study without music, and that is perfectly fine. Don’t worry about it affecting your exams, in my case, I did just fine.

Music not only helps you concentrate better, but it also relieves your anxiety. It helps your minds absorb more information, and that is proven by me. And even if it doesn’t work for you, you can always go back to the normal way of studying. You are the one who knows what’s best for you and you have the freedom to decide. The choice is always yours!

If you agree, disagree or simply want to add something on what I previously mentioned, please leave a comment down below and I will get back at you, first chance that I get.

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Thank you!

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