One of the most legendary bands of all time, the Beatles have created history in the music industry and have been and will be loved by many generations as time flows by. Their variety in songs and style made them unforgettable and their way with their crowd made them relevant in the music industry, no matter what period of time they dropped their songs.

Many songs remained in peoples’ minds even after the Beatles’ disbanded and some of their stories are part of the history. So, these are some stories behind the Beatles’ songs.

I picked some of their most famous songs and some of the most well – known stories and rumors around them. Surely, this article will get more and more interesting.

The Beatles

i. Let It Be

Like many the Beatles’ songs, this song was credited to Lennon – McCartney partnership, even though it was written by McCartney only.

This song was written for McCartney’s mother who passed away from cancer when he was very young. Her name was Mary, and that’s where the lyrics refer to (Mother Mary comes to me). Many listeners and experts thought the lyrics had a religious reference (that’s what I thought too) but Paul McCartney stated that those rumors where wrong.

Let It Be was composed after the White Album and, according to McCartney, the band has a hard time back then. The first arguments started to appear and the band didn’t cooperate well. So, it was a relief for him to be able to visit his mother, at least by writing Let It Be.

The Cavern Club

ii. Something

It is said that Harrison wrote this song for his wife, however he denied the rumor when he spoke to the BBC. It was something different for the band since a big part of their discography was a Lennon – McCartney collaboration.

Harrison initially offered the song to Cocker, but he released it with the Beatles a little earlier that year.

They recorded many different versions of the song before getting to the final result. McCartney played a unique bass line for the song, but Harrison refused to include it in his song because he wanted something “simple”. There was not much disagreement though, since it was Harrison’s song.

iii. Hey Jude

It is said that there is great history behind this song too. It was written by McCartney when Lennon was completing the procedures with his divorce with Cynthia (his ex-wife) in order to live with Yoko. At the time, McCartney had a special relationship with Lennon’s son, Julian (it is not confirmed whether they still share that bond). With his parents getting a divorce, McCartney wanted to comfort Lennon’s son by writing this song. Later on, he was inspired by the musical Oklahoma and he named it after the main character, hence Hey Jude instead of keeping Hey Julian as the title.

The whole song is a masterpiece, but especially the nanana part has everyone singing out loud. It really is a work of art.

iv. Across the UniverseAll You Need Is Love

Lennon considered this one of his best works of art, according to certain sources. The lyrics came to him naturally and he just wrote and sang them. Unlike the other songs he had composed for the Beatles, he was really proud of this one. It was one of the songs that “had to go down”, according to Lennon’s words, and I agree with him. The song is simply magical.

This song was transmitted to space in 2008 by NASA. It was in the interstellar radio message (IRM) named Across the Universe, in hope for forms of life unknown to humans, to find it and try to reach out and communicate with Earth. That’s a pretty impressive achievement, it shows once again that the Beatles where legendary.

v. I Saw Her Standing There

This song is mostly known for its massive worldwide success. I Saw Her Standing There was an enormous hit and was almost immediately approved by the public. According to the charts, this song took over city by city.

But what made this song so successful?

Well, it was an era when the Beatles focused mainly on making upbeat, catchy tracks, song that would make the people dance and have fun. And they successfully produced many unforgettable tunes. It was another Lennon – McCartney collaboration which, after several days, finally ended up with a good result.

vi. Hello Goodbye

This was a McCartney song, and, according to Lennon “it wasn’t a very good piece”. Many music enthusiasts and listeners believe that the song was simple, especially the lyrics. The story is really interesting thoughMcCartney's bass

McCartney wrote this with a friend, Alistair Taylor, who would come to his house often. Then, one night, they both decided to write a song, which turned out to be Hello Goodbye. They sat on the harmonium (a musical instrument) in the dining room of McCartney’s house and they started hitting any random note. McCartney shouted one word and he told Taylor to shout the opposite.

That’s how the song came out, and it turned out catchy, in my opinion.

Every song has a story, after all

I could write endlessly about more and more well – known Beatles’ songs and their stories, which are too many since the Beatles had a big and interesting career in the music industry. Different places, different people must have been involved for each and every song’s creation. And I have a gut feeling that not all popular songs are that much approved by their creators and many not-so-famous songs have a special place in their artists’ hearts.

It is amazing how the way one imagines their song initially is totally different from the result in the end. I know this because I’ve done a little songwriting myself, and I can confirm that the final song always consists of a perplexing train of thoughts and a small piece of the original idea.

If you agree, disagree or simply want to add anything on what I previously mentioned please leave a comment down below and I will get back at you as fast as I can.

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  1. This has been a very interesting read. There were some facts that surprised me. First of all I didn’t know that Let it be had Paul’s mom in mind. And the other thing that surprised me was that Hey Jude was wrote to comfort John’s son, Julian. The emotions going through these songs are genuine.

    1. That’s true, I was surprised to find out about many of these too. Thank you for your comment!


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