Are you in need to feel confident and sexy again? Many of us are constantly consumed by every day duties and reality. Most of your obligations don’t let us feel ourselves and better again. We feel like time passes and we don’t accomplish anything. This is caused because of anxiety and the fast rhythms of life today.

But do not worry! Music is always here to help when needed. I have created the ultimate playlist to feel sexy and confident in your body again. Now that summer is here and everyone will leave their duties and obligations for a while, we all need to feel confident being ourselves in order to communicate with others, travel and make happy memories. Someone said confidence is the key to a better life and I could’t agree more.Lips

Now, I want you to do a few things now, or every time you feel the need to listen to this playlist in order for it to work its magic on you. It only takes one listen (and probably lip syncing and feeling it a little bit) and when you finish you won’t recognize yourself. So, I want you to:

  • Wear comfortable clothes, or if you don’t have any, just stay in the clothes you are in now, that won’t be a problem
  • Sit somewhere comfortably, or somewhere where you will have the ability to stand up and dance if needed (that really is up to you). Preferably, listen to this playlist in a room without many people around so that they don’t distract you. This time is only for you to appreciate and love yourself more, so others don’t need to take too much space in your mind.
  • Take deep breaths for a couple of minutes.
  • Look around and let your mind wander away from your emotions and thoughts for a moment
  • Put on headphones or just listen from your phone (In 2 or 3 songs you will have forgotten everything that brings you down)

1. Lady Marmelade –

Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, PinkBar

One of the most classic songs. You probably have heard this on the radio or have seen the movie “Moulin Rouge”. But if you are not familiar with this song, I suggest you give it a listen. Its unique melody will make you fall in love with it immediately.

2. Maneater – Nelly Furtado

Hoenstly, this song will have you slow dancing when it starts playing. Nelly Furtado has Many ther great song sand collaborations too, such as Promiscuous, which are not new, but nowadays have become very popular. You can also try the slowed and reverb version of this song, it is magical!

3. The Hills – The Weeknd

This a slow song, which is realtively new compared to my previous song suggestions. The Weeknd has amazing descography which is also very popular nowadays. He has created a variety of different songs and melodies and some people like to compare him to Michael Jackson, let me knwo if you agree with this statement in the comments.

4. Havana – Camilla Cabello

This song was popular a few years ago, but I still enjoy gettiong confidence boosts from it. The melody may sound familiar to some people, it is taken from the song Havana by Mano Tiro, released in 1959. The 1959 version is really unique, Cabello has taste. Some people argue that, as long as the melody is not hers, the song may be not so good.

I believe that Cabello’s amazing voice, gives a different vibe to the song.

5. Do I Wanna Know? – Arctic MonkeysBedroom

This song is the same situation to Maneater by Nelly Furtado. It was released a few years ago and now it became extremely popular. Arctic Monkeys’ discography is worthy and I believe you shoud give it a chance. Whether you have been a rock enthusiast all your life or you are new to classic rock, punk rock etc. I believe you should give Arctic Monkeys a chance because their style is unique in many ways.

6. Earned It – The Weeknd

As I said before, The Weeknd is a great artist. This song is from the movie 50 Shades Of Grey therefore, you can understand why it had to be included in this playlist. The Weeknd truly is capable of creating any kind of song and creating it well!

7. I Feel Like I’m Drowning – Two Feet

I firstly became familiar with Two Feet from their song, which could also be included in this playlist, Love Is A B*tch. I suggest you listen to both of these songs and figure out yourself which one deserves mostly to be in this playlist. You can let me knwo about your decision in the comments.

8. I See Red – Everybody Loves An Outlaw

This song became known by the movie 365 Days on Netflix. When the movie first came out, everyone was shocked, because it was a Netflix production. Later that year, the male protagonist’s actor, Michele Morrone, gained popularity. However, I haven’t watched this movie yet.

9. Okay – Chase AtlanticRock n' Roll

Chase Atlantic have become famous a lot later that all the previous artists and songs I mentioned. They are mostly known for their alt rock vibes and their have captured the hearts of many listeners world wide. Personally, I love many of their other songs too, such us I‘m Into It, Friends etc.

10. Swim – Chase Atlantic

This was the first Chase Atlantic song I ever listened to. It immediately captured my attention in a video I was watching. I still listen to it today and I recommend that you listen to it too.

Give them a listen and tell me your opinion!

If you agree, disagree or simply want to add something on what I previously mentioned, please leave a comment down below and I will get back at you, first chance that I get.

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Thank you!

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