Jazz is one of the most loved music genres of all time. Every time I listen to jazz, it reminds me of several memories of my childhood, since most members of my family love jazz. I would visit my grandmother’s house and she would put her favorite jazz records on before we played board games together.

I’m sure jazz has been an important part of the life of many people, but even those who don’t have particular memories with jazz can surely enjoy a good song! So, here is my Top 10 Smooth Jazz Songs list which make you feel like you’re the main character of a movie or a book, songs that can accompany you while having a cup of coffee, a relaxing alone time, a run of whatever you want to do!

After introducing every song, I write a small description which I believe matches the song’s vibe.

Jazz Musicians

1) Nightwalk – Rick Braun

The vibe of this song is amazing, absolutely describes the topic of this article. The song is really smooth, this word characterizes it perfectly. It reminds me of empty, rainy streets in an old city at night, between the decades of 50s and 60s. Gazing the rain from the window or taking a small walk after going out with friends, this song gives off a feeling of having an empty head and just enjoying the silence.

2) This Could Be Real – Richard Elliot

This is a slow jazz song, not only instrumental like the previous one. There are beautiful harmonies though which remind me of gospel, however the song isn’t upbeat at all. It reminds me of laying in bed after a long day, on a summer night. No thoughts, just feeling the silence of the night and enjoying the breeze coming from the window nearby. It feels like a dream, like the listener escapes reality and enters his own world. Absolutely magical!Summer Night

3) Whisper – Marion Meadows

The vibe of this song is incredible, it gives off some kind of old and contemporary jazz mixed together.

This reminds me of an expensive hotel lounge, where someone sits, with their drink in hand, waiting for their date to arrive. They look dashing, in their best clothes, outside the night has fallen, but it’s hard to notice because of the chandeliers which light up the place. If this reminds you of something, it’s probably from that scene of the movie Pretty Woman. Surely, a live band could be playing this song or it could be heard from a speaker, either way, the atmosphere would be ethereal.

4) Champagne Life (Smooth Jazz Version) –

Gerald Albright & Norman Brown

Probably similar vibe to the previous song, which is one of my favorites, but that’s my personal opinion. I could think of a million things this song reminds me of, however I picked the best one.

This song is perfect for having a drink alone with a view of a big and impressive city of the world. Sitting on a tall chair, right in front of a balcony (probably of an expensive restaurant) and watching the lights trembling at the distance. The city is definitely not sleeping, however all one can hear is this song. Breathtaking!City View At Night

5) After Hours – Ronny Jordan

Maybe it’s because of the vibe of the song, or maybe my opinion is influenced by the title (who knows?) but this song definitely reminds me of sitting for much time in the living room alone or with friends. Obviously a bottle of wine or your favorite drink and snacks will be provided. It will be a relaxing time, since if you’re alone you will have peaceful thoughts and if you’re with others, you won’t be talking much. Sitting or laying on the couch/sofa (whatever living room you imagine), this song is perfect!

6) Train Of Thoughts – Brian O’ Neal

An absolutely mesmerizing work of art, this song is so peaceful but it speaks to the soul. When it comes to smooth jazz music, I always recommend this song because it makes me fall in love with jazz again and again, every time I listen to it. Sunset in the City

It reminds me of siting on a train after a long and hard day and returning home. The sun is setting and all one can hear is this song and the train and the rails. The passengers are quiet, focused on their mobile phones or a book while you look outside the window, admiring the colorful sky.

7) Inner City Blues

Another favorite smooth jazz song, which will remain in your head for days, trust me!

This song reminds me of new beginnings. Heading to a big city to begin your dream life, filled with emotions like fear and excitement at the same time. One of the few times in the life when the future seems far away only because you need to live every moment in order to get used to your new life. Simply mesmerizing!

8) Sunset Boulevard – Boney JamesSunrise

Reading the title only, surely many things and images come to mind.

It reminds me of the first morning in a new destination. After spending the previous day traveling to get there, and after sleeping peacefully the night before, you wake up and look at the sunrise, admiring the view, not believing you got there. You are ready to make new memories and live life there to the fullest.

9) Contemplation – Chris Standrin

This is a slow smooth jazz song which, if you listen to it with friends, you won’t be able to appreciate every bit of it, it is perfect for conversation though.

It, too, reminds me of having some alone time in the living room, it could be someone else’s living room, however. They might have gone in the kitchen to get some snacks and you sit there waiting and enjoying the song.Venice

10) Venice – Chris Botti

This song couldn’t remind one of anything else other that the canals of Venice. You are sitting on the gondola, enjoying the architecture and/or the company of someone. One of the best moments in life, a breathtaking scenery and peace in you mind.

These are only a few of my favorite smooth jazz songs, I hope you like them too! I have a lot of stories like these so if you want me to write a similar article containing them, comment below and I will do it!

If you agree, disagree or simply want to add anything on what I previously mentioned, please feel free to leave a comment down below and I will get back at you first chance that I get!

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Thank you!

8 Replies to “Top 10 Smooth Jazz Songs To Make You Feel Like The Main Character”

  1. Hi Dominique. Thank you for great post. I am big fan of jazz and I just can’t imagine world without these sounds. List you created is very interesting, I know most of these songs but one or two are complete new to me. Can’t wait to hear it and check if they are so great as others from list. Its great to see (or hear) that there is still so much to discover in Jazz world.

    1. Hi,

      Indeed jazz has so much more to offer today! I really love it, it has been a huge part o fmy youth and I can’t imagine my life without it. I’m glad you enjoyed my article and I hope you like the songs I listed.

      Thank you for your comment. Cheers!


  2. Hey there, I really enjoyed going through your article, I must say though. I have always enjoyed jazz music as a kid up until my adulthood so this made me have a sentimental feeling towards this article very much. I saved it so I can download these songs later for my personal use. Thanks so much for this amazing article.

    1. Het there!

      Thank you for your comment. Jazz is a great music genre, I agree with you. I really appreciate it that you saved my article, it means a lot.



  3. This is a very handy list, and a good one too. 

    Your own thoughts on each track are awesome too, brings up some nostalgia of train rides, sunsets and imagining sipping scotch, watching some of these guys live in a lounge bar type setting, enjoying the smooth beauty of it all. 

    1. Hey there,

      Music travels me to different places and reminds me of many things, I’m glad you liked my article.

      Thank you for your comment.



  4. Ah, music feeds the soul. I love all kinds of music and find that music can make one feel happy, sad, reflective etc.. Listening to upbeat music while working (physical work) makes work more pleasant. Jazz music,when smooth can put one in a reflective mode just like you say, it brings you back when you were young in your grandmother’s house putting on jazz records before playing games. I love the way you describe each one of the 10 smooth jazz songs and where you place yourself in each one. Music can set the scene and the mood in us.

    1. Hi there!

      I agree with you, music feeds the soul indeed. I’m glad you liked my article and thank you for your comment. Jazz is an incredible music genre and will always be loved.

      Thank you again!


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