The BeatlesThe Beatles are considered by many to have made history in the music industry. Not only their amazing and supportive of their work fans, but also the unique and different themes every album they produced had, made them unforgettable.

Sadly, their success stopped as they disbanded, they continued working as solo artists though, giving the world catchy songs of their own style. They were really talented individuals if you ask me, and, if John Lennon wasn’t murdered they would have continued offering the world their music.

This is my list of Top 10 Songs of the Beatles as a band, not their solo work. I love many songs they have made separately, however, if I included everything the list would be never ending.

I. Hey Jude

I absolutely love this one. Every time I feel sad I just listen to Hey Jude. What I love about this song is that there is a part at the ending (The Na na na nananana part) where it is very easy to lip sync even if you are not an English speaker.

I believe this song is one of the reasons why music is considered to be a universal language. It was released on August 1968. It was #1 for nine weeks on Billboard Hot 100, breaking the record for the time.

II. Let It BeThe Beatles

This song is really emotional, I believe most people know about it. But even if you don’t know it, you should listen to it and you will soon realize why so many people love it.

It’s in the final album of the band and Paul McCartney wrote it for his mother and Let It Be were her words to comfort him, however, the song was finally credited to Lennon – McCartney partnership. It was released on March 1970.

The meaning behind the song had been considered controversial for a long time, but it is probably about letting go of all the problems that may trouble someone.

III. Yesterday

Another classic song of this amazing band. I can’t say that this song was stuck in my head for a certain period of time, however, I listen to it now and then because it brings me peace.

I have a lot of childhood memories from this one. All English teachers would make us listen to it at school (I didn’t go to an English school).

It is the most covered song of all time and it was released on August 1965.

IV. Yellow Submarine

I always found the meaning of the song very deep, I’m sure it tackles issues of society. It is not so well-known, not many people who don’t listen to the Beatles know it.

It’s music is very catchy, it was definitely stuck in my head when I first found out about it. The music video has a story behind it and I love it when artists incorporate stories that have nothing to do with the lyrics in their music videos.

I consider the Beatles pioneers when it comes to this, since they were the once who welcomed the visuals (music videos etc) in the music industry.Yellow Submarine

V. Drive My Car

Another song which my English teachers made me listen to, and I didn’t like it at first. But I guess you know what happened, since I put it in my favorite songs by the Beatles list. I wasn’t into the Beatles back then, but their music didn’t annoy me at all. And after a few years, I listened to them and loved them, finally.

And another Lennon – McCartney collaboration. It was released on December 1965.

VI. Eleanor Rigby

This had to be in this top songs’ list and I hope you all agree with me. The intro and the ending of this song are breathtaking.

When I first found out about this song I was surprised because I had never expected the Beatles to experiment with a style like that, yet, they pulled it off perfectly.

It was released in 1966 and Lennon. It was a breath of fresh air for the band, making them to change their style to a great extent.

VII. Strawberry Fields Forever

Honestly, this song is able to captivate every listener, even the most picky ones. A song one can never get bored with.

The meaning struggled me for a long time and I still have a hard time figuring it out. Strawberry Fields Forever might mean to not only be attached to the material world, to the reality. One needs their imagination as an escape sometimes.

VIII. Love Me DoFans

I really should have listed the songs from the oldest to the newest but… now I have to take you to another the Beatles era.

Love Me Do probably reminds most people of the Beatlemania, which was the excitement of the fans of the band and it was described by many as some sort of mania.

I hope we all can agree that the Beatles were one of the first bands to get such a massive public approval and they paved the way for all the other bands that got the same reaction by the crowds.

It was released on October 1962 in the UK and on 1964 in the US where it became a big hit.

IX. I Want To Hold Your Hand

I know many people that remember this song from that time. They say that it was played everywhere and everyone loved it.

This makes sense, because the song is catchy and the lyrics are simple, so I’m sure I Want To Hold Your Hand was embraced by the public. It really shows how society and the youth perceived love and affection back then (at least most of them). Writing a song with that kind of meaning for a band that was so popular back then was something else.

It was released on 1962.

X. Twist And ShoutVintage Gramophone

The ultimate song to dance the twist. And I believe that most people who grew up back then must have heard of it. The rhythm is so catchy and unique, it didn’t look like those twist songs that had the same rhythm back then (I love them but that sort of rhythm could be tiring sometimes and a change was necessary, do’t you agree?).

It was released in 1961 and, surprisingly it was not written by the Beatles. Initially, Phil Medley and Bert Berns wrote it.

What Do You Think?

These are my top favorite the Beatles songs. Of course, I could keep going about all the other tracks that I like about them (as a band or as solo artists) but it would take me forever to finish. The Beatles created history, not only in the music industry but in the people’s hearts too. They will always be one of the most loved bands in the music industry and the ones who began the “fangirling” culture that surrounds many bands and artists until today.

If you agree, disagree or simply want to add anything to what I previously mentioned, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back at you first chance that I get.

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Thank you.

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