Before getting into this article I want to write a few things for you:

If you feel depressed or experience symptoms of depression, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Based on your country there are hotlines where you can call, express your feelings and problems and seek help. Here you will find a list. Your thoughts and feelings matter. YOU MATTER. Please, speak and seek help from professionals or, confess to close acquaintances.

Now, studies have shown that the songs below can cause feelings of depression and sadness. We all know that a happy song is able to change our mood instantly or a sad song can make us burst into tears – it happens to almost everyone at some point. However, crying is good. It can relieve negative emotions and make us feel better afterwards.

Sometimes, the sadness of the song or in the voice of the singer can make us sympathize them and forget about our negative emotions. This is completely normal.

There are only a few depressing songs that can actually cause sadness to the listener. That is because these songs are extremely hard to make and it takes incredible talent. Some artists experience these emotions often, that’s how they are able to express them so clearly through art. But I won’t be talking about these songs on this article.

This is about depressive songs to feel better or have a good cry and feel better later. We all have the need for sad music at some point in our lives.

1. Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green DayMusic

This song is especially for everyone who loves listening to punk and rock music every time they feel sad.What I love about it is that it is not the mainstream sad songs one will listen to the radio on a daily basis. This song simply can’t pass unnoticed. I love the vibe it has, just listen to the song will headphones, you will understand what I’m talking about.

Green Day is a great band and they have many great songs to listen to. If you feel the need to listen to new music and are not familiar with them, you should check them out, trust me, you won’t regret it. Here are some amazing songs by them:

2. Back To Black – Amy WinehouseMusic For The People Sign

An amazing song by an incredible performer and singer. Winehouse would give so much to the music industry if she had the chance.

This song is very well – known, so you must have heard of it at some point. But if not, you definitely should take the time to listen to it. I had this song stuck in my head for days, honestly. I wish I could go back to the time when I listened to this for the first time.

It is not only for when you want to experience sadness, but also for times when you need a confidence boost or on a rainy day. These are the situations I love to be in, whenever I listen to this song. It is truly magical.

3. Eleanor Rigby – The Beatles

I’m sure almost everyone is familiar with the Beatles but you may not know about this song.

The Beatles have experimented with many music genres while they were active and their music was revolutionary at the time. If you haven’t listened to The Beatles before, I suggest you give them a chance, I’m sure you will find many great songs and you will love them.

Listening to this song is always a great experience. You can listen to it to have a good cry or to admire the talent the Beatles have put into this song. Its instrumental is legendary, you won’t regret giving it a chance.

4. Let Her Go – PassengerGuitar Player

At first I wasn’t very fond of this song.

When this song came out, it did very well with the public and it was played almost everywhere. Therefore, at some point, it was normal that people would get bored with it. After a long time though, about a month or two ago, I heard it on the radio at night. It had been a tough day and this song somehow relieved me.

After all that time, I learned to appreciate Let Her Go. Let’s be honest, this is a good song, but for a long time I found it hard to appreciate it for some reason. It’s a classic and I highly recommend it!

5. Nothing Compares 2 U – Sinead O’ Connor

This is a beautiful and heartbreaking song at the same time.

When I choose to listen to this song, I don’t necessarily need to feel sad, sometimes I only feel the need to sympathize and feel sad for a short period of time. Or, I’m tired of listening to upbeat, cheerful songs. At those times, this song is there for me. When this song is playing, I don’t always feel sorrow.

That’s why I love it, because it doesn’t affect the listener. Sinead O’ Connor’s voice is a beautiful, underrated voice and I suggest you give her a chance.Piano Player

Feeling sad? Put some music on

There are many researches that have proved that listening to music can make you feel better in many ways. As I mentioned above, it takes great talent to move a listener through music. The songs I mentioned however, do not intend in making the listener feel sadder than they actually are. Their purpose is to alleviate the pain and make us feel better.

After a long, hard day music is the best medicine. It will make you feel better an dget back on your feet again. Music is the solution to almost everything. Having the right music though is the key!

If you agree, disagree or simply want to add something on what I previously mentioned, please leave a comment down below and I will get back at you, first chance that I get.

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Thank you!

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