Do you love listening to music? Is running an important part of your life?

If you answer yes on both, you’re like me. In fact, I can’t run without music, running seems like a chore without my favorite songs. Running in the morning or late at night (I usually choose these times of the day because I don’t have plans then) may be lonely.Running

However, most of us don’t want everyone else to listen to our music while we run. So, our only choice is getting a good pair of headphones. And here comes the problem… How do we choose the best headphones for running?

I have tried several pairs of headphones, since I’ve been running for many years and I must say I have broken a couple of pairs too. So, I believe this makes me worthy of giving you some advice on which headphones to pick for running.

Here are some headphones and their perks and drawbacks when it comes to running.

1. The earphones we all knowEarphones

They are the most typical kind and almost everyone has had a pair of those once in their lifetime. These are very simple to wear and cheap. Some phone companies offer matching earphones with the mobile phone you buy. So, you will probably have those for free at home. But, even if you don’t, you can find at the market with $10 or less.

Of course, you understand that paying too little for your earphones might not be good in terms of quality. But investing more than $50 is a waste of money, I believe, unless you can afford it.

As for the running, I believe these earphones are good, but not the best choice. They will do the work, and they are an easy and cheap choice, but they are not so stable. When you run, you’re constantly jumping up and down, making it difficult for the earphones to stay in one place.

One way to solve this problem is put the wire of the earphone inside your shirt instead of out. This way, the earphones might be a little more stable but they still could fall. I don’t really recommend this model for running.

2. HeadphonesHeadphones

When I say headphones, I don’t mean the ones we use for gaming! The headphones shouldn’t be connected with a mic while you’re running, it’s useless and it won’t be looking right (at least that’s my opinion).

Headphones can be found almost everywhere in the market at great prices and different models. I bought my headphones for $30 and they work perfectly until today. Unlike earphones, they are bigger, so they are less likely to be destroyed. Some of us tend to throw our earphones in bags or on tables, and this affects them negatively. But headphones are bigger, therefore they last longer.

While running, the headphones will remain on your head, unlike the earphones. That is because of the way they are created, they are worn around the head. While wearing headphones, you don’t need to increase the volume a lot, since they are more noise – canceling (if I can say that) than the earphones. So, they are healthier for your ears.

Their only problem could be that they have a wire, just like the earphones. But you can get Bluetooth headphones to connect them on your phone. They do the same work as the normal ones, but they can be less annoying.

I recommend the headphones for running. They will remain on your head and they will give you the best music experience

3. Noise – canceling headphonesNoise Canceling Earphones

I mentioned them before. In case you don’t know about them, these headphones look like your normal headphones but they have the ability to completely remove the sounds of the environment. They give an amazing music experience to the listener, every time I’ve tried those, I got goosebumps!

Honestly, they are great. All music lovers will love those. They are also very healthy for your ears since they provide a soundproof space for you to listen to your favorite tracks. However, they can be too expensive. Don’t expect getting this music experience for only $20, for example.

I don’t recommend noise – canceling headphones though, because if you’re running in the streets of a busy city, you might not hear the vehicles coming your way. Also, using this type of headphones might be dangerous at night.

Bluetooth earphones/ AirpodsAirpods

These are the newest model of earphones, which are wireless. You can find them anywhere and they are easy to use. I don’t think they are cheap though.

They are the best for listening to music without anyone else knowing, provided that you have sufficiently long hair though. They offer a great experience to the listener and they are trendy nowadays.

Just like the earphones, they need you to increase the volume a lot, if you run in a busy city, as I said before. But since they are wireless, they are more convenient. Since I love their style, I would use them as an accessory too. They are more that Bluetooth earphones. You can create a whole outfit with them, if you’re creative! Be careful not to lose them though!

Buy what suits you

Of course, these above are my personal opinions. They are based on what I learned from my experience from running with headphones. You can try and see for yourselves. Or you might feel differently for certain types of headphones.

For me, the best headphones for running have to be the wireless headphones. They offer the best music experience, they are not annoying or too expensive and they are great for your ear health.

Have you tried any headphones while running? What do you think of noise – canceling headphones?

If you agree, disagree or simply want to add something on what I previously mentioned, please leave a comment down below and I will get back at you, first chance that I get.

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Thank you!

4 Replies to “What Are The Best Headphones For Running? Find Out Here…”

  1. Hi there

    I do not use headphones to listen to music when I run as  I prefer to be aware of the sounds around me and alerted to cars nearby.

    In South Africa it is dangerous to run with a cell phone and people get attacked for their phones.

    If I did wear headphones whilst running I agree with you that the air pods would be my choice.  They look easier and more efficient to wear and definitely very trendy.

    The big bulky headphones would not be suitable as they may block out noises like a warning from someone and they look as if they would be heavy and get sweaty.

    Best wishes


    1. Hi Sheen. Thank you for your comment.

      That’s right, I agree with you on the airpods and the big headphones part. They would definitely not suit many runners. But every person is different and every choice is acceptable if it is comfortable.

  2. Dominique:
    Interesting review. Personally, I never felt comfortable using headphones when I go for a run. The biggest reasons include, I’d be afraid I couldn’t hear some oncoming danger headed my way, and the fact, the one time I tried, it felt really awkward running with headphones; like I wasn’t aerodynamic! And obviously, if I don’t like running with headphones; I am sure not going to feel comfortable running with noise-cancelling headphones either.

    I have also tried both earphones and wireless earphones during my runs; and for me; I like standard earphones better. The wireless earphones I have, just don’t put out a real high fidelity musical sound, it almost sounds mono and not stereo. I just haven’t found a quality pair of wireless earphones for my runs.

    The standard earphones are my “go to” for my running program. They are simple to put on. I carry the phone in my back pocket, so I drape the earphones wires down my back, so they don’t interfere with my arms when I am running. And I have easy access to volume and playlist control, but I usually don’t have to use it because I have musical themes for my different runs.

    Dominique, if you have a recommendation for wireless earphones, please let me know and I’ll give them a try. And remember… Running is our happy hour! Stay Strong! Keep Running!

    1. Hi. Thank you for your comment.

      You’re right, headphones can be dangerous while running, especailly if you run in a big city.

      I will write a special article for headphones, where I recommend several brands for different uses. I am still dong my research but I hope I find something that suits you.

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