Nowadays, it is becoming more normal to pay for our music. There are a ton of apps and websites online, where you can listen to music but you need to pay a monthly or yearly fee. This has its perks for the artists and their managements. Let’s not forget that period of time when downloading music for free was a lot easier. There were many websites which used YouTube links to convert music and upload it to your device.

That was a pretty cool way to listen to music but it did not benefit the artists, the ones who put in all their hard work to get that amazing result. Therefore, managers around the world made their artists to go on double world tours, to increase the income. Money was simply not enough in the music industry.

So, if you love a few artists, you definitely do not want them to be through a period like this. But here are some LEGAL ways to listen to music for free, I will also note down their advantages and disadvantages so that you have a clearer picture on how it is.

YouTube – So much more than musicYouTube

This is the most well – known way of listening to music online. It has existed for so long and it offers so much music. It also has a variety of videos to watch too.

YouTube is really friendly to any user. It does not have any viruses and it offers a lot of videos and creators. Even you can become a creator on YouTube and upload whatever you do.

However, YouTube have a lot of advertisements nowadays. That is because it needs to make some money out of all the audience it has – if you don’t know that, YouTube is very popular.

You may come across many ads, but they will not be a serious problem. You also pay and get a premium membership so that you watch content free of ads at all times.

Also, you need to have Internet connection to access all the videos and songs YouTube offers. You can download songs and videos but that only comes with the premium membership.

Spotify – Music and playlistsSpotify

I have tried Spotify a lot and I just love it. In Spotify, you can create or have access to playlists. It is a good app to listen to music when doing your daily tasks like, going for a walk or a run, going shopping, in the bus or car etc.

There, you will find the audio version of almost any song you look up for. I must say that YouTube offers a lot more when it comes to that. YouTube may have more remixes and fan – made songs available that Spotify.

But still, Spotify offers a lot. Also, you have access to podcasts and motivational speakers, if you are a fan of those.

It has a tiring amount of ads though. When I tried Spotify, it made me want to quit it. This may convince a lot to buy the premium version.

I now am on premium and I must say I love the experience. Unlike YouTube, Spotify offers way more when it comes to getting the premium membership.

However, you must be sure that you will listen to music more than once a month, otherwise it is really not worth it wasting your money. Also, you will need Internet connection to have access to music here too.

Amazon / Apple MusicApple Music

These two are great and they work as the familiar music app everyone has on their phones. You can buy songs for $1 each, I believe, and have them downloaded in your phone for life.

This is great for people who listen to the same songs over and over again. However, if you want to discover new music, I do not suggest you buy these songs. Be sure that you like them first.

Also, to get Apple Music, you need to have an IOs phone or device. Make sure you have one before buying anything that you may not be able to use.

The good thing about Amazon and Apple music is that they do not need Internet connection to listen to music.

All you need to do is download any song you may need and you are ready. It is a really good music experience, even though they do not offer as much as YouTube and Spotify Music.

Google Play AppsGoogle Play

Some of you may be confused at this point. In Google Play, there are several apps that offer free music without Internet connection. You need to search the band or artist or the kind of songs you want to listen to and they offer them for free. This has a lot of disadvantages though.

All of these apps were probably made when downloading music was a thing every day people did. Therefore, you may not find contemporary artists in these apps.

Also, their design is not so good. They may be filled with ads and it may be extremely difficult to a user to listen to the music without being interrupted.

Also, some of the songs may not be the studio / audio version. You could be surprised because you may not listen to a particular song the way you know it. And that could be kind of annoying to many.

All in all, I do not really recommend these apps. You may find it difficult to listen to music and the experience will not be so good in most cases.

Whatever you choose, music is music

All of these apps are just a means to get to yoru favorite music. The cool thing is, you do not have to pay in any of this, as long as you are able to endure a few ads. After all, the artists have got to eat somehow!

If you agree, disagree or simply want to add something on what I previously mentioned, please leave a comment down below and I will get back at you, first chance that I get.

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Thank you!

2 Replies to “Where To Listen To Music FOR FREE”

  1. Hi there, 

    I use Spotify and YouTube most of the time. I listen to music often, but not enough to justify paying for a premium account. I also find that both of these have a lot to offer in terms of music, even for free. The ads on Spotify can get tiring, but if you have it on just as background music it’s more bearable. 

    Which is your favorite way to access free music? They definitely each have their pros and cons. Anyone, in particular, stand out to you above the rest? 

    Great article on accessing free music legally. Artists have to eat, too!


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